Sudan’s President on Wednesday will visit Russia with official visit

© AFP 2017 / ShazlyПрезидент Ashraf of the Sudan, Omar al-Bashir . Archival photoSudan’s President on Wednesday will visit Russia with official visit© 2017 AFP / Ashraf Shazly

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir will visit Russia with official visit on Wednesday, reported RIA Novosti head of the press service of the presidential Palace Abdullah Gadulla.

«The visit of President al-Bashir on 22 November,» the official said.

According to him, the program of the visit and a list accompanying the Prime Minister will be announced later.

The foreign Minister of Sudan, Ibrahim Ghandour, on 5 November, told RIA Novosti on the upcoming visit of the President of the Russian Federation, without specifying the date. According to him, in Russia, al-Bashir is expected to discuss political, economic and cultural issues. It is planned to sign several agreements between the two countries.

Earlier, a source in the administration of the al-Bashir has told RIA Novosti that the visit of the President of Sudan to the Russian Federation will be held on November 22.

Initially the visit was scheduled for August but was postponed to November due to a number of logistical problems.

The head of Sudan’s foreign Minister had earlier said that the visit of al-Bashir will be held at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin will strengthen bilateral relations at all levels. Ghandour noted that the talks addressed a number of topics, including trade and economic cooperation, political contacts and mutual support in various international arenas.