The author of the monument to Alexander III, nothing is going to change

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Sculptor Andrey Kovalchuk, the Creator of the monument to Alexander lll absolutely sure of the historical truth of his work and it is not going to change anything, this was told RIA Novosti, the author of the monument.

Yesterday in Yalta opened the monument to Alexander III. The Emperor in military uniform sits, leaning on a sword, behind him a bas — relief, which shows the outstanding personality of the era ruler: writers Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy, composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, and others, as the relief shows an important event of the age of the Emperor: the construction of the TRANS-Siberian railway, the creation of airplane Mozhaiskogo, the appearance of the Historical Museum, the Tretyakov gallery.

Bloggers and some media saw in the bas-relief of the actual errors associated with the history of the reign of Alexander III.

«I am sure that there are no errors there, and not going to change anything. I have no doubt that everything created corresponds to the epoch of Alexander. Dostoevsky, despite the fact that he died a month before the assassination of Alexander II, it is absolutely true there is in this series», — said Kovalchuk.

The sculptor noted that Alexander III took care of Dostoevsky before his coronation.

«Dostoevsky completely changed his views, he initially was such a liberal revolutionary, four years left in prison, and then completely changed his views and in fact they were very close to Alexander III, the ideology of the writer was close not only to the Emperor, but many theologians of his time,» — said Kovalchuk.

He stressed that «absolutely appropriate, if the author connects such a great writer like Dostoevsky connects with the era of Alexander III».

«Second, Mozhaisk. He was the first in the world gathered this aircraft, which, unfortunately, had problems with flying. Western aviators only in the 1890-ies gathered such aircraft, almost Mozhaisk can be called a pioneer of aviation in the world. The plane was ready during the reign of Alexander III,» — said the sculptor.

According to him, a claim the time of construction of the TRANS-year Historical Museum and the Tretyakov gallery are also unfounded.

«Historical Museum — Yes, it began to be built in 50-60-ies of the XIX century, but officially it was opened in 1883, when Alexander III was the Emperor. The Tretyakov gallery was officially opened in 1893, there are no issues. In 1891, the decree of the Emperor for the construction of the TRANS-Siberian railway. Everything fits the era and the spirit of Alexander,» said Kovalchuk.