The head of the Parliament of Slovakia: to speak in the Duma – an honor for any politician

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in fotobanka the National Council of Slovakia Andrej Danko during sessions of the state Duma of the Russian Federation. 15 Nov 2017The head of the Parliament of Slovakia: to speak in the Duma – an honor for any politician© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

The head of the Parliament of Slovakia Andrej Danko said that he had the honour to speak in the Duma, and called for the development of trade and cultural relations with Russia.

Criticism of MEPs regret the Ministry of foreign Affairs

In the framework of his visit to Russia Danko on Wednesday addressed the deputies of the state Duma. After that, a group of MEPs from Slovakia, in his statement, called the speech Danko too Pro-Russian and goes against Pro-European and Atlanticist policies of the Republic, and foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak expressed his regret at the fact that Danko his speech in the state Duma not pre-consulted with the foreign Ministry of the country.

Speaking on Sunday on TV channel TA3, Danko said that he is «responsible for every word uttered in the Duma», and «speech to Russian deputies it was an honor» for him.

«The opportunity to speak in the Russian state Duma receives not everyone of the politicians. When someone is given the opportunity to perform in Russia, China or another world power, it helps people (their own country – ed.). I in his speech in the state Duma did not say that we exit the EU. I thanked him for the story mentioned positive aspects,» said Danko.

Referring to the statement of the foreign Ministers of the need for prior consultation of the foreign policy speeches of politicians in the country with his Ministry, Danko stated that this issue has been resolved. «On the other hand, I am the head of Parliament and leader of one of the parties of the ruling coalition and do not want anyone to ask about how can I greet the Russians,» — he stressed.

Condemning the events of 1968 (the invasion of five Warsaw Pact countries in Czechoslovakia), one cannot forget the period of the Second world war, when the Red Army liberated Europe from fascism, says Danko.

«Not all Russians accused of communism. If I were to condemn them all because of ideology, we in this case all Germans would be to blame for the ideology of fascism», — said the head of the Slovak Parliament.

Great potential

Danko sees no problem that he visited Moscow at the invitation of his Russian counterpart, Vyacheslav Volodin, who is subject to Western sanctions.

«We need to think about what sanctions mean. The Duma, the sanctions do not apply. Russia is not isolated, it is visited by politicians in many countries. There are now flying with the visit of the Czech President Milos Zeman, were there German President and the head of the Israeli Parliament. But to speak in the state Duma offer is not for everyone,» said Danko.

According to Danko, it would be a mistake to think that the world is ignoring Russia.

«If for Slovakia (with Russia – ed.) the train left, it would be very sad. The EU is developing its relations with Russia. The need to understand the Hungarians, Serbs or Montenegrins. We should not punish themselves, here (in Russia – ed.) there is great potential (for trade ed.)», — said the head of the Slovak Parliament.

In addition to the development of trade and economic relations with the Russian Federation, Slovakia could pay more attention to the expansion of the study of the Russian language and to show more interest in Russian culture, says Danko.

«Why are we at the current spread of American and German music could not at least part of the attention to and Russian? We forget about the Russian culture and art. Why do we carry out the polarization of the world into those who are better and who is worse?» — ask questions of the Slovak politician.