The HRC has stated the violation of the procedure for the adoption of the law on mass media-registered as a foreign agent

© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated in photobacteria Council for development of civil society and human rights. Archival photoThe HRC has stated the violation of the procedure for the adoption of the law on mass media-registered as a foreign agent© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated the image Bank

The presidential Council on human rights (HRC) has prepared an expert opinion on the draft law on mass media-«foreign agents», which human rights activists criticized the violation of the procedure of the bill and the uncertainty of the contained concepts, which allows to arbitrarily harass and apply the law to all media.

Earlier, the head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov said that the Council will review the draft media law-«foreign agents», as soon as it is available in the database of the state Duma, and prepare an expert conclusion, which will be presented to the head of state and Parliament.

«There is such a conclusion, the Council has prepared, now comes the vote on this conclusion,» — said on Sunday RIA Novosti a member of the HRC Tamara Morshchakova.

The main conclusion by human rights activists, is that «the law allows to arbitrarily prosecute for undefined by the legislator of the action, that is to attract whoever they want in the moment,» she said. Moreover, a violation of the procedure of the adoption of this law, said a member of the HRC.

She explained that in the prepared conclusion «criticizes the incorrect procedure for the adoption of the law, gross violation of procedure, changing the concept of the bill on second reading, which is unacceptable».

«If the concept is changing, if you are prompted to make changes not only in the law on mass media, but also in many other, if within this project proposes rules that don’t actually dealt with the challenge of an adequate response, and are outside the scope of these relations, then, of course, the concept underwent such a change that requires returning to the first reading. This was not done, all in a hurry,» said Morshchakova.

The human rights activist drew attention to the fact that the proposed rules do not contain the necessary precise concepts, «the law can be applied to all,» she explained.

«In addition, generally is not included in the bill that foreign media may not fall under the definition of non-profit organizations, they can be commercial, they can be different — public, private. And it’s not taken into account. It turns out that regardless of what constitutes this structure, it is subject to certain other provisions of the law on non-profit organizations, and it is not necessary», — said the representative of the HRC.

In response to the question that I propose to the Council regarding the fate of the law — to reject or to modify, she noted that now he could not talk about specific sentence, the human rights Council, as voting members of the Council on this document is not yet finished.

For his part, Deputy head of the HRC Yevgeny Bobrov, reported that the voting process is now; according to him, already on Monday, the document can be published.