The turnout in the referendum to dismiss the mayor of Chisinau made up 2.16% to 11.00 GMT

© AP Photo / Vitalie PlotnicЗаседание the Parliament in Chisinau. Archival photoThe turnout in the referendum to dismiss the mayor of Chisinau made up 2.16% to 11.00 GMT© AP Photo / Vitalie Plotnic

The turnout in the referendum on the dismissal of Dorin Chirtoaca as mayor of Chisinau for the first three hours of voting made up 2.16%, voting passes in a normal mode, told reporters at a briefing on Sunday the Deputy Chairman of the District electoral Council Vitalii Miron.

«At 09.50 (10.50 MSK) the number of voters amounted to 13 thousand 581 people, which is 2.16% of the total number,» said Myron, stressing that all polling stations are operating normally, and there was no incidents.

As stated to journalists by the leader of the party of socialists of Moldova Zinaida Greceanii, any citizen who is not indifferent to what is happening in the capital, come to the referendum to say that she wants a better life. «Chisinau should be comfortable for life… So, I think that citizens should come today and vote, then to choose the mayor they want to see and who will lead the municipality», she stated.

The head of fraction of Party of socialists of Moldova in the municipal Council of the capital ion Ceban, who is also press Secretary of the President of the Republic Igor Dodon, stated that «voted that the city became more beautiful, easier and better.» «To avoid corruption, to be comfortable to all from the youngest to the adults,» said Cheban.

Municipal Councilor from «Our party» Ilian casu noted that «against the destruction of the Central parks, against stalls, which filled Chisinau against that lawlessness which is created in kindergartens, against destruction of the historical center».

A referendum to dismiss the 39-year-old, he initiated a Pro-presidential Party of socialists of Moldova. Chirtoaca appeared in several criminal cases. He was arrested on 25 may in the case of pay Parking. The next day the district court of Kishinev has placed him under house arrest for 30 days. Then, this measure has been extended several times. Investigators believe that his actions fall under the article «taking advantage of influence». In July, he filed another charge — passive corruption. In September, he filed a new case about excess of office powers. The decision of the court at the time of investigation he was removed from his post as head of the city administration. About a week before the referendum, the Chisinau court decided to release Chirtoaca from house arrest under judicial control. The accusations, he recognizes and opposes a referendum on his resignation.

At the moment, the acting mayor of the Moldovan capital appointed 45-year-old Silvia Radu, who ran in 2016 for President of Moldova as an independent candidate, but were not included in the top five. Before this Parliament a long time was President of energy company Gas Natural Fenosa Moldova.

To ensure that the referendum was held, it must take part in one-third of voters list of the municipality of Chisinau. If the referendum will be held and the majority vote for removal Chirtoaca as mayor, the elections of the mayor can go through may 20, 2018.