The United States sent in search of the three Argentinean submarines submersibles

© AFP 2017 / Telam/Alejandro MoritzАргентинская submarine San Juan. Archival photoThe United States sent in search of the three Argentinean submarines submersibles© AFP 2017 / Telam/Alejandro Moritz

The United States sent in search of three Argentine submarine deep-diving vehicles, accompanied by experienced sailors-professionals, reported the press service of the US Navy.

Sunday to Argentina from California three military transport aircraft C-17 and C-5 will be delivered to a rescue chamber McKenna (SRM). This mechanism was invented during the Second world war and used up to the present time. This system can evacuate up to six people at a time, it works at depths up to 850 feet (260 metres), said the press service. In addition, Argentina will be delivered by an unmanned submersible.

Additional flights will deliver to Argentina next week another system is the pressurized rescue module (PRM), which is maintained at depths of up to 2 thousand feet (610 meters) and is able to dock to the submarine, even if it is inclined at an angle of 45 degrees. This device can evacuate up to 16 sailors at a time.

The equipment will be accompanied by experienced American experts.

Looking for Argentina already participating aircraft P-8A the U.S. Navy and a P-3 belonging to the U.S. space Agency NASA.

The submarine «San Juan» has ceased to go on air Wednesday on the way from the port of Ushuaia in the city of Mar del Plata. On her search sent planes and ships. They are in the area where the submarine has recorded in recent times. Aboard were 44 crew members. USA, UK and Chile proposed that the Navy of Argentina’s help in the search of the submarine. The missing submarine was built in Germany and is included in the composition of the Navy of Argentina in 1985. In length it is 66 meters, speeds up to 25 knots.