Czech businessmen spoke about the interests in Russia

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in fotomancer. Archival photoCzech businessmen spoke about the interests in Russia© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

Czech business in Russia are the most interesting engineering and energy, the development of partnerships in these and other sectors of the economy should facilitate the visit to Russia from 20 to 24 November President of the Republic Milos Zeman and the accompanying delegation of the 130 entrepreneurs, told RIA Novosti the head of a business delegation, the President of the Union of industry and transport (SPT), the Czech Republic Jaroslav Hanák.

«Czech companies and companies interested in cooperation with Russian colleagues, first of all, mechanical engineering and energy, including new sources of energy. Additionally, you may develop fruitful cooperation in the extraction of natural resources, particularly oil and gas, as well as special raw materials. Czech geologists and other specialists in these fields belong to the global elite, working in many foreign countries,» Hanák said.

In the framework of contacts in the development of transport infrastructure of the Czech company, according to Hanák able to develop projects and to promote the creation of new highways and also to help in the reconstruction of existing highways. Or, for example, to cooperate in the repair of railway locomotives. «We know that in Russia, gained its extensive experience in this area. However, the Czech companies are ready to respond to any tender in these areas,» — said the head of the Soyuzprom.

In connection with the planned expansion of the number of units on one or two Czech NPP «Dukovany» and «Temelin», all waiting for the decisive words of the new Czech government that is created now by the results of the recent parliamentary elections, said Hanák. The Cabinet will also have to make a decision about the necessity and conditions of the tender for selection of the participants of this project.

Activity in the Russian market of Czech companies operating in the agricultural sector largely depends on the entrepreneurial courage of their leaders, said Hanák. However, he noted that some of them are strong players, for example, the company «Madeta», which for many years supplies a variety of dairy products to Russia. «But in order to stay a long time in Russia, I think that Czech companies need to go through the creation of joint ventures. Among other things, this is a kind of «intelligent way» of circumventing the sanctions,» said Hanák.

According to Hanák, the Russian economy gradually stabiliziruemost and growing, and the investment climate provides good opportunities for foreign firms. «As for the chances for trade and investment in Russia with the participation of Czech firms, I hope that the forthcoming negotiations of presidents of both countries will contribute to their expansion and development,» — said the head of the Czech business delegation.