December premiere of «Nureyev» at the Bolshoi theater and «Pygmalion» Heifetz

© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Babushkina in photobacteria historical scene of the Bolshoi theatre. Archival photoDecember premiere of «Nureyev» at the Bolshoi theater and «Pygmalion» Heifetz© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Babeskirret the image Bank

After November, when some theaters have released not one, but two new play, the last month of the year may seem to the audience is less intense. However, in December, lovers of theatre and music are waiting for new interesting performances, concerts and festivals, including the ballet «Nureyev», which was supposed to come out last season, and «Pygmalion» by George Bernard Shaw directed by a Patriarch of the Russian stage of Leonid Heifetz in the Mayakovsky theater.

The Bolshoi theatre

Grand theatre, releasing in November, two ballet premieres in December and promises to introduce two new ballet «Copellia» Leo Delibes and the long-awaited «Nureyev» Ilya Demutsky. Hour Opera will come in the new, 2018, when will be the premiere of «Queen of spades» by Tchaikovsky, «the masquerade Ball» by Verdi and «La Boheme» by Puccini.

The ballet «Coppelia» was created by Delibes in 1870 libretto on motives of novels of Hoffmann. Choreography by Marius Petipa, which will honor the new year, the whole ballet world in connection with the 200 anniversary from the birthday, and Enrico Cecchetti. Coppelia at the Bolshoi is a revival of the production in 2009. The premiere of the ballet staged by Sergei vikhareva, author of a new choreographic edition, scheduled for December 14, the show will be held on the New stage Bolshoi. Scenography – Boris Kamensky, author of costumes – Tatiana Noginova, the conductor – Pavel Klinichev, Pavel Sorokin.

«Nureyev» by composer Ilya Demutsky with choreography by Yuri Posokhova and Director Kirill Serebrennikov was to become the last premiere of the 241-th season of the Bolshoi theatre. However, the premiere of a new work of the creative team, which last season created the ballet «a Hero of our time», recognized as the best ballet performance of the season and awarded the national theatre award «Golden mask», was moved from July 11, and, as it was originally planned for may 2018.

Basmanny court of Moscow on August 23 put the artistic Director of «Gogol-center» Serebrennikov under house arrest on charges of fraud. The protection offered to release the Director on bail or surety. The Director is serving house arrest in his apartment on Prechistenka street in Central Moscow. Pieces of silver agreed the theater that, if his detention is not resolved, the performance of «Nureyev» can be brought to the premiere of choreographer Yuri Pokojowym.

In the end, the performance, the tickets were instantly sold out (despite the fact that it was sold two tickets in hand), shows December 9-10. Anyone who managed the corner of my eye to see the rehearsal last season, talking about the play as a great work.

The Mariinsky theatre

Opens December at the Mariinsky theater gala-concert of laureates of the XI International competition for young Opera singers. Rimsky-Korsakov, which is the home of the composer in the town of Tikhvin. The performance will take place on 1 December at the concert hall «Mariinsky».

The eleventh of December in the concert hall with the orchestra Symphonica ARNica State Philharmonic of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Krivoshapko under the baton of Fabio Mastrangelo. The concert was dedicated to the 385-anniversary of occurrence of Yakutia in the Russian state. And fans of Teodor Currentzis will be able to hear the Symphony No. 7 («Leningrad») in the performance of the famous musical group – orchestra musicAeterna under the baton of Maestro – December 28 in the Concert hall of the Mariinsky theatre.

From 14-31 December at two venues of the Mariinsky theatre (Saint-Petersburg, which will host 25 concerts, and the city which will host 7 concerts) will take place the traditional and already the TWELFTH edition of the international festival «contemporary piano Faces». The festival will bring together over 40 pianists of different experience and musical schools will continue to work proven projects «Composer – pianist» and «children to Children».

In honor of the 85th anniversary of Rodion Shchedrin, whose works are often performed at the Mariinsky theatre in December will feature a number of the composer’s works. Among them: the Opera «Not only love» (December 5), «Boyarynya Morozova» (15 December), «a Christmas tale» (10, 23 and 31 Dec), «Levsha» (28 December). It also shows the composer’s ballets: «Carmen-Suite» (9 and December 21) and «the humpbacked Horse» (14,16 and 17 December). Special program – concert for the anniversary of Shchedrin will be presented in the framework of the festival «contemporary piano Faces» on December 24.

The estates theatre of Mayakovsky

The first big premiere of the year of jubilee, when the theatre celebrates its 95th anniversary, will be the play «Pygmalion» in a classic play by George Bernard Shaw directed by a Patriarch of the Russian stage of Leonid Heifetz. The premiere will take place on the main stage on 8 and 9 December.

«Pygmalion» is one of the most famous plays of Bernard Shaw, was written in 1912 and its first performances were held in Vienna and Berlin. World famous play brought the premiere of the musical «My fair lady», held in 1956, and then the same film with Audrey Hepburn.

On the show along with Hafizom worked his permanent co-author of the artist Vladimir Arefyev. In setting the busy famous actors – roles of Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering played by the people’s artists of Russia Igor Kostolevsky and Anatoly lobotsky. Eliza Doolittle plays a young actress Natalia Balagushkin.

The Vakhtangov theatre

In December, the Vakhtangov theatre will continue the parade to the new Simonov the scene that opened this season. In early December, this performance of «Stefan Zweig. Novellas», which will be presented by pupils of Rimas Tuminas in the framework of the laboratory Director. Young Directors Anatoly Sulev, Mr Balden, Gulnar Alpeisova and Hugo Erickson will present a dramatization of four short stories Zweig — «Coercion», «the Invisible collection», «Leporella» and «Chess short story».

Novels of Zweig, the Austrian made the author famous and popular all over the world, they are so dramatic and brings unexpected stories. «Chess Novella», a dramatization which was created by Hugo Eriksson, the last literary text created by Zwaga.

«It’s full of despair the statement about the collapse of the ideals of humanism, the story of how past values of Europe are destroyed by brute force and militant ignorance. And everyone will feel like it is important and vital today,» said the Director before the premiere.

The Theatre «Et Cetera»

At the end of the year premiere shows will be held on 21,22, 30 and 31 December – the Bulgarian Director Alexander Morph will present a play based on the masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance — «Decameron» Giovanni Boccaccio.

«Decameron» – not just an erotic story, it is poetic stories about love, no wonder Boccaccio in Italian culture is close to Petrarch and Dante. About love and the play Morfova. But love in the time of cholera, when the «black death» threatening and releases only 10 days of life. What you can do during these ten days?

Morph was already working in the theater «Et Cetera». Then he had staged one of the great books of humanity, «don Quixote» of Cervantes.

Moscow Philharmonic

December premiere of «Nureyev» at the Bolshoi theater and «Pygmalion» Heifetz© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in fotobounce spoke about the growth of Russian theaters in 2017 godogani musical event will be on December, the anniversary of the outstanding Russian composer Rodion Shchedrin – the classics of Russian and world music. Shchedrin is one of the most popular, performed, and published composers. Among the interpreters of works of Shchedrin — the largest musicians in the world.

For the anniversary of Rodion Shchedrin Moscow Philharmonic has produced four concert — composer will celebrate the Russian national orchestra and Mikhail Pletnev (15 December) and Symphony orchestra of the Mariinsky theatre under Valery Gergiev, with three will perform in Moscow at the Concert hall. Tchaikovsky on 16 December in the composer’s birthday, 21 and 22 December.

– Music by Rodion Shchedrin: «Naughty limericks», Concerto No. 1 for orchestra, «Carmen-Suite», excerpts from the Opera «a Christmas tale», a concert version of the Opera «Not only love» Symphonic diptych based on the Opera «the Enchanted wanderer», the double Concerto «Romantic offering» for piano, cello and orchestra, and others.

«Russian winter»

Traditionally in December, from 23 to 31, will host a festival of arts «Russian winter», which will be addressed by leading Russian musicians.

December premiere of «Nureyev» at the Bolshoi theater and «Pygmalion» Heifetz© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenko the Vakhtangov theatre will host an evening in honor of the 90th anniversary of Mikhail Ulanbatar, December 23, will take place Evening of piano music soloist Boris Berezovsky. 24th, the State Symphony orchestra «New Russia» – soloists Yuri Bashmet, mark Bushkov, Michelle Bushkova. 25th — Grand Symphony orchestra of them. Tchaikovsky under control of Vladimir Fedoseyev will perform works of Sibelius, Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Strauss. 26th- will be the pianist Nikolai Lugansky and the orchestra Russian national orchestra — conductor Alexander Vedernikov, the program of works by Rachmaninov and Ravel. 27th at the festival will sound «classic And jazz». Soloists: Denis Matsuev, Arkady Shilkloper, Aidar Gainullin, Andrey Ivanov, Alexander Singer.

December 28, in the Concert hall. Tchaikovsky deliver one of the most talented young Russian singers, the world-famous Julia Lezhneva. The singer will perform with the Baroque music Ensemble La Voce Strumentale, which repeatedly acted in Russia and abroad. Conductor and soloist Dmitry Sinkovsky (violin) in a programme of works by Vivaldi, Handel, Nicola Porpora, with.

Will conclude the festival «Russian winter» Yuri Bashmet their traditional Christmas tour of the «Station of dreams».

Russian national orchestra

The Russian national orchestra and its artistic Director and principal conductor Mikhail Pletnev will give three concerts in December. The first 15 of December will be dedicated to the anniversary of Rodion Shchedrin and will be held in the Concert hall. Tchaikovsky.

December premiere of «Nureyev» at the Bolshoi theater and «Pygmalion» Heifetz© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite fotobank in Moscow will host the opening of the festival CONTEXT. Diana VishnevaВторой will take place on 21 December at the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory, where fans of the brilliant pianist Pletnev will hear in his performance one of the most popular and frequently performed around the world works for piano and orchestra — the First concert of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

And complete December performances of the Russian national orchestra and Maestro Pletnev the concert on December 30 in the Concert hall. Tchaikovsky. The program this evening combined the works of the romantic composers of the first half of the NINETEENTH century. In the first part will include a Concert for piano and orchestra by John field. Irish composer and virtuoso pianist of the field most of his life lived in Russia and had a great influence on the development of Russian professional musical culture. One of his piano concertos – the Fifth – will be performed at the concert performed by Boris Berezovsky and the Russian national orchestra under Mikhail Pletnev. The evening will conclude with Symphony No. 3 («Scottish») by Felix Mendelssohn.