Entrepreneurs complained to Putin on new charges

© Depositphotos / nito103Бизнесмен checks accounts. Archival photoEntrepreneurs complained to Putin on new charges© Depositphotos / nito103

Entrepreneurs complained to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin that the business will have to pay only in 2018 more than 100 billion rubles due to the various new duties that the government entered into a draft three-year budget, the newspaper «Vedomosti».

A promise not to raise the tax burden on business is not running — it violates the agreement on the immutability of fiscal obligations, recalled in a letter to Putin, the presidents of the four business associations — RSPP, «Business Russia», chamber of Commerce, «Support of Russia». It is clarified that the moratorium on the increase of the tax burden the President launched in 2014 until the end of 2018, but since then, a host of fees and charges, which are technically taxes are not.

At the beginning of 2017, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Ministry «to refrain from promulgating and amending the government» projects, providing for new payments until the law is passed on them. However, the government «refrain» is not going to.

For example, the draft budget introduces three new payment: import duties on machinery and equipment, recycling (seven percent) of the means of production heavy and power engineering, investment fee (25 percent) in the seaports. Existing fees are indexed: for example, the recycling fee on cars — by 15 percent, the newspaper said.

In the opinion of the business, it will inevitably lead to less investment, higher prices of the means of production and end products in virtually all industries. Indexing of the recycling fee will increase the price of imported equipment, refers to the newspaper for employees of the two automakers, will further reduce imports of cars, which for 2012-2016 fell by almost five times.

The second reading of the budget, which took place on November 17 at the practice for the final and change its settings difficult, warns Alexandra Suslina of the Economic expert group. To cancel the payments will be hard, but you can stop the preparation of secondary legislation that are needed to collect these payments, referred the newspaper to a member of Bureau RSPP. For example, in the budget there is an amount of the recycling fee, but there is no list of equipment with which he will be charged.