For the improvement of the Penza region sent 312,5 million rubles

© RIA Novosti . Gregory to Sysoeva in fotobanka Penza. Archival photoFor the improvement of the Penza region sent 312,5 million rubles© RIA Novosti . Gregory to Sysoeva the image Bank

For the improvement of 11 municipalities of the Penza region in the framework of the project for the formation of a comfortable urban environment in Russia in the current year allocated 312,5 million rubles, including 34,3 million roubles from the regional budget, the press service of the government of the region.

In the project this year in the region participated of the city of Penza, Kuznetsk, Zarechny, Serdobsk, Kamenka, Nikolsk, Nizhniy Lomov, the Settlement, the district center Mokshan, village Bogoslovka and Lenine district of the Penza region.

«By the 15th of November the work was completed at 216 yards. Work is underway on three public areas: the waterfront of the Sura in Penza, finishing the fountain in the Central square of Kuznetsk, and in the city Park of the Settlement finished landscaping, there is installation of small architectural forms», — stated in the message.

The government noted that the landscaping region, the project will continue into 2018. According to the report, 105 municipalities have adopted rules of improvement, with 32 of them already have also adopted their own programs of formation of a comfortable urban environment.

«The architectural community of Penza, together with KB Strelka (Moscow) developed 16 design-landscaping projects Central part of Penza, including the reconstruction of the embankment of the Sura and Park on the street Fame, the youth Park in the «Western glade» square «box of Proverbs» on Pushkin street, Fountain square on the streets of Moscow», — stated in the message.

Russia is implementing the priority project «Formation of a comfortable urban environment». Within 2017, the funding for regional improvement projects from the Federal budget will amount to 20 billion rubles. In the draft fall all the municipalities of the country with a population of over 1 thousand people, such municipal entities in the Russian Federation 12.1 thousand.