Human rights activist supported the idea of equating a year in jail to two years in colony

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The initiative of the Ombudsman under the Russian President for human entrepreneurs Boris Titov for equating years of detention in pre-trial detention to two years in prison will be a major victory as human rights defenders, and the judicial system as a whole, told RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the public oversight Commission (POC) of the city of Moscow eve Markachev.

«The bill that one year in prison should be equivalent to two years in prison, has existed for a very long time, but there are many people who disagree with him. However, the one who will be able to undertake this project, will go down in history Executive system as the man who committed one of the biggest breakthroughs in her humanization, because this project is needed and convicted, and their families,» said Markachev.

According to human rights, conditions in jail are much heavier than in the colonies and in colonies of General regime, so it is very unfair that while the courts and the investigation, the defendant spends in them for a long time, in fact, being in difficult prison conditions.

«Because of this, the jail has repeatedly been a variety of incidents that caused dissatisfaction of prisoners to conditions of detention. If they are counted every year in prison conditions in the two colonies, they will understand the reason for this content and they will have a reason to behave more judiciously,» said human rights activist.