In Colombia in the bus falling into the abyss killed 14 people

© Flickr / Tijs ZwinkelsВид in Bogota, capital of Colombia. Archival photoIn Colombia in the bus falling into the abyss killed 14 people© Flickr / Tijs Zwinkels

At least 14 people were killed and 35 injured after a fall of the bus into the abyss in North-Western Colombia, reported local newspaper Pais.

According to the newspaper, the incident occurred on Sunday afternoon in the municipality of Sabanalarga (atlántico Department).

As reported by the mayor of the municipality Cesar Cuadros, at the moment in the hospital was delivered of 14 dead, including two children, and 35 injured. He added that a bus fell in an inaccessible place. According to local media, the scene can still be people.

«We do not know with accuracy, how many passengers in the bus, but there were many of them,» said Cuadros.

He added that as soon as it became aware of the accident, the place was directed only in the area ambulance, accompanied by SUVs to quickly evacuate the victims. Soon on the scene were sent ambulances from neighboring municipalities. The operation also involved a helicopter.