In Crimea, reported on the construction of the mosque

© RIA Novosti / Artem to Greenskeepers in fotobiennale construction of the Cathedral mosque in Crimea. Archival photoIn Crimea, reported on the construction of the mosque© RIA Novosti / Artem to Greenskeepers the image Bank

The Cathedral mosque in Crimea, designed to be the main cult object of the Crimean Muslims, is built on 75%, said the head of the Crimean government Committee on inter-ethnic relations and deported citizens Lenur Abduramanov.

«The pace of construction is going very well. Backorder no. According to my data, already 75% completed. To complete the construction required installation of the main dome of the minaret and conducting finishing works, including landscaping,» said Abduramanov the radio station «Sputnik»in Crimea.

According to him, the mosque will become a decoration of the Peninsula. Abduramanov has emphasized that, in General, under construction in the Crimea is about eight mosques and prepares project documentation for five other cultic Muslim constructions.

«Since the reunification of our Republic with the Russian Federation built and put in operation about seven places of worship. Thus, today the balance of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol has approximately 300 places of worship: mosques and prayer houses,» said Abduramanov.

The mosque is built on the southern hills of the city, near the Simferopol reservoir. According to the project, it will include two parts: the main building (37 by 37 m) with a dome height of 28 meters and a courtyard with colonnades and sadirvan (a place for ablution before prayer). The mosque will have four minarets, each with a height of 50 meters. The timing of completion is 2019. General contractor is the Russian company.

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