In Tajikistan will be broadcast books Rahmon on the radio

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. The Committee for television and radio broadcasting of Tajikistan has ordered all state radio to broadcast readings of works by the President of the Republic Emomali Rahmon.

«We have received the relevant Committee. These readings are held to enhance the sense of identity and patriotism in every citizen of the country. Broadcast our radio already playing audio recordings of books of the President», — told Sputnik Tajikistan head of state radio Tajikistan Farrukh Ziyoyev.

According to him, these readings are important because in the country there are people who can not read.

«A lot of people are reading, but with poor eyesight or the elderly, who also cannot read. Here they will have the opportunity (to see) the works of the President,» said Ziyoyev.

He noted that the readings of the works of the head of state «is involved with theater actors and announcers with good voice».
The book is «the Wise thoughts and sayings of the President of Tajikistan, the founder of the peace and national unity, the nation’s Leader Emomali Rahmon».
published in the Tajik language with the use of national ornaments in a volume of 464 pages.

The phrase book covers a wide range of topics, including on the independence, peace and national unity, national identity, history, native language, morality, upbringing and education, women and youth, the holiday Navruz, the legal culture and the Constitution of the Republic.
Built the collection and wrote the introduction the doctor of historical Sciences, senior Advisor to the head of state, Sayyid Zafar (former press Secretary of President of Tajikistan).

President Rahmon has written more than 20 books about the history of the Tajik people, the Tajik language and culture, published with a circulation of from 50 to 200 thousand copies. The most popular book among readers and a reference book of many officials is «Tajiks in the mirror of history. From Aryans to Samanids», which covers Tajik history from ancient times to the late 19th century. In November last year in the city of Hissar, on the initiative of local authorities, a monument to this book.