In Thailand, 14 people were injured in accident on ride

© AP Photo / David LongstreathМашины ambulance in Thailand. Archival photoIn Thailand, 14 people were injured in accident on ride© AP Photo / David Longstreath

Fourteen people received minor injuries in the accident on the ride in the time Monster Ride an amusement Park in Samutprakarn province near Bangkok, said on Monday the online version of Nation newspaper.

Monster Ride is a carousel with adjustable height rotation, made in the form of a giant octopus, the tentacles of which is attached cabins with seats for two people each. Two of the tentacles have fallen in the moment of the attraction, resulting in several cabins fell to the ground from a low altitude, the report said. The victims were taken to a nearby hospital for medical aid. Severe injuries are not identified in any of them, the newspaper reports.

All victims – citizens of Thailand, participated in the annual fair in honor of the Buddhist stupas (pagodas) is Phra Samut, located on the territory of the complex of buildings of the provincial administration of Samut Prakan. Collapsible amusement Park was erected on the square where the fair takes place at the invitation of the provincial administration. Police are investigating the incident. Members of the city administration responsible for organizing the fair, and the owner of the amusement Park is currently testifying about the incident, the report said.