In the US one woman had accused the Senator, Franken harassment

© Fotolia / W. ScottЗдание the U.S. Senate in Washington. Archival photoIn the US one woman had accused the Senator, Franken harassment© Fotolia / W. Scott

Another woman was accused of harassment of a U.S. Senator from Minnesota al Franken, reports CNN.

Earlier the journalist Leanne Tweden accused the Franken that in 2006, before the election of Senator, forcibly kissed her, and then took a picture, grabbing the sleeping Tweden in the chest with both hands. The latest accusation is confirmed by the published photograph. Franken apologized and Tweden said that he accepts his apology and will not seek the resignation policy. The Senator said he was not going to resign.

American Lindsey Menz told CNN that Franken had assaulted her, when he was a Senator. Thirty-three Ment reported that in 2010, the Senator put his hands on her from behind while they posed for a photo. According to the woman, she was uncomfortable, she felt «disgusting».

Franken until the election of a Senator was known as a showman and host of «Saturday night live» on NBC. He was first elected Senator in 2008.

In recent months, a number of actors, and then and politicians were in the United States in the spotlight because of allegations of harassment.