Media: military and ruling party of Zimbabwe can seize the assets of Mugabe

© AP Photo / Tsvangirayi MukwazhiПрезидент of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe. Archival photoMedia: military and ruling party of Zimbabwe can seize the assets of Mugabe© AP Photo / Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi

The military leadership of Zimbabwe and senior representatives of the ruling party ZANU PF is looking at ways to confiscate the property of the family of President Robert Mugabe, reports the Times.

According to the newspaper, Mugabe’s family owns the largest area of land in Zimbabwe. It is reported that «all the farms that Mugabe seized from white owners, except one, became state property in 2005, which means that the government can take the land back.» The President’s wife grace Mugabe has invested his own funds, which were received as loans at Zimbabwean banks.

The rest of the family’s assets to Mugabe, including an orphanage and two expensive private schools, invested «well-wishers». To cause the location of Mugabe, many members of the party ZANU PF were sent to these schools for their children, the newspaper said.

Also, Mugabe’s family owns several luxury homes, not including the presidential Palace, where 25 bedrooms. According to the publication, the President’s residence was built in 2000 on «funds, the source of which is not installed». Grace Mugabe six months ago bought a mansion in Johannesburg (South Africa) for more than $ 3 million, as well as built three-storey house on the land, «seized from a pair of white elderly people in 2002». According to the representative of the international NGO Crisis Group, Piers pigou (Pigou Piers), «assets in the country may be the subject of a complex legal action.»

Previously, the Central Committee of the ruling party ZANU PF Mugabe was suspended from the post of first Secretary of the party, and urged him until Monday afternoon to resign the presidency by threatening impeachment. Mugabe on Sunday during his address to the nation did not announce his resignation and said that he was going to preside at the Congress of the ruling party in December.

On Wednesday, the military took control of the television station in the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare, and the residence of Mugabe. The President in a telephone conversation with his counterpart of South Africa Jacob Zuma confirmed that the military is holding him under house arrest. It was also reported that the wife and probable successor of President grace Mugabe fled the country, and dismissed Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has returned to the capital to lead the government. Eight of the ten provincial coordinating committees of the party called for Mugabe to leave the post of President and party leader.