Merkel commented on the failure of negotiations on the coalition «Jamaica»

© RIA Novosti / Alex Particupate in fotoracconti of Germany Angela Merkel. Archival photoMerkel commented on the failure of negotiations on the coalition «Jamaica»© RIA Novosti / Alex Participerait the image Bank

The leader of the CDU German Chancellor Angela Merkel commented on the failure of the talks on creating a parliamentary coalition, saying that along with party members will continue to «bear the responsibility for the country» and in the morning will inform the President Frank-Walter Steinmeier about the incident.

The German Free democratic party two hours earlier walked out of talks on forming a parliamentary coalition with the CDU/CSU and greens («Jamaica»).

«We are unable to successfully complete coalition negotiations. This means that tomorrow morning I will contact the President and inform him about the state of things, and then we’ll see how the situation will develop further,» said Merkel on Monday night in a speech broadcast by German TV channels.

«We, the CDU and CSU together, I want to stress, a hard time you will be responsible for the country and will continue to act responsibly… We can help the unity of the country», — added the Chancellor.

According to her, the important issue at the talks was migration: differences with the liberals there was a small, but green could find a compromise.

Acting SPD Chairman Ralf Stegner confirmed that the German social Democrats will not go on a «Grand coalition» with the CDU/CSU after the failure of negotiations on the coalition «Jamaica». For its part, the Green party jürgen Trittin, the TV channel ZDF has ruled out the possibility of participation in the minority government with the bloc of Merkel.

«Jamaica» in case of success of negotiations would have 393 of 709 seats in the Bundestag (55%), but after the liberals remaining participants in the negotiations have only 44% of the seats without getting a majority. German social Democrats had previously ruled out the possibility of their participation in a «Grand coalition» with the CDU/CSU is another option, which would create a majority government (399 seats, or 56%).

Therefore, the available there are two options: a minority government, which in German history has not been, and new elections, which never showed up so quickly.

Steinmeier a few days earlier voted against the prospect of early elections. He urged the participants of the coalition negotiations to justice, «that is, not to refer the decision back to the voter.» The President also said then that he could not imagine «that the negotiators are seriously willing to take the risk of new elections.»