Merkel must accept the need for elections in Germany, says a member of ADG

© AFP 2017 / Emmanuel DunandКанцлер of Germany Angela Merkel Pripyat at the EU summit in Brussels. 19 Oct 2017Merkel must accept the need for elections in Germany, says a member of ADG© AFP 2017 / Emmanuel Dunand

German Chancellor and leader of CDU/CSU Angela Merkel must accept the need for re-election in Germany after the failure of negotiations on forming the parliamentary coalition «Jamaica», said RIA Novosti member of the right-wing party «Alternative for Germany» (ADH) Waldemar Birkle (Birkle Waldemar).

Earlier Monday the leaders of the right-wing party «Alternative for Germany» Alexander Gauland and Alice Vidal said that Merkel needs to leave the post of Chancellor of Germany after the failure of exploratory talks on forming a new coalition government of Germany.

Birkle said that «it would be correct» if Merkel «raised the white flag» and acknowledged the need for re-election.

According to him, primarily the German people want stability and confidence in the future, and that was a coalition at any cost, thinking that it will be stable. «But this will not happen,» he added.

«This is a signal to all parties that the policies of Germany should be changed at the root. That is what we are trying to achieve,» said Birkle. He noted that making changes, it is worth thinking about Germans, not about the rest of the world.

In the night of Monday the Free democratic party of Germany out of a multi-week talks on forming a parliamentary coalition with the CDU/CSU and greens (coalition «Jamaica»). Merkel failed to form a coalition that would give her a majority in Parliament and the opportunity to create a stable government. The social democratic party of Germany (SPD), which according to the results of the elections announced the departure of the opposition, reiterated their positions.

On Monday, Merkel is going to meet with the President of the country Frank-Walter Steinmeier: whether a minority government or new elections, you first need to go through the procedure for the election of the Chancellor in Parliament, and appoints its head of state. The official statement of Steinmeier on the outcome of this meeting is expected around 14.30 local time (16.30 GMT).