Pentagon: Taliban* monitor, less than a third of Afghanistan

© AFP 2017 / Javed Tanveer Afghan Taliban in Farah province. Archival photoPentagon: Taliban* monitor, less than a third of Afghanistan© AFP 2017 / Javed Tanveer

The Afghan authorities, as a year ago, control two-thirds of the population, the Taliban are* – less than a third, said the commander of the NATO mission, «Resolute support,» U.S. General John Nicholson.

«Two-thirds of the population (of Afghanistan – ed.) are under the control of the government, and about one third were either under the control of the Taliban or disputed (territory – ed.),» Nicholson said at a briefing.

«The number of districts controlled by Afghan forces, about on the same level as a year ago,» he added.

At the same time, Nicholson noted that over the past year, the Taliban did not attempt to capture a large city, however, tried to regain control over some areas that they controlled previously. According to him, the defensive capabilities of the Afghan security forces over the past year increased.

In Afghanistan from 1 January 2015 is a non-combat NATO mission «Resolute support», which main purpose is training and advising members of the Afghan security forces. It replaced the military operation conducted by the anti-terrorist coalition under the command of U.S. and international forces on safety (ISAF) under NATO command. Later, NATO has repeatedly stated that it does not intend to return to combat operations in Afghanistan, and said the decision on the termination in 2014 of the combat mission.


* A terrorist organization banned in Russia

Pentagon: Taliban* monitor, less than a third of Afghanistan© RIA Novosti, Infographiste after the troops of the ISAF 2001-2017