Revolutionary chronicle RIA Novosti inspired Shemyakin on the sketch

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Galleryparty in photomechanic and sculptor Mikhail Shemyakin after the discussion, the intelligentsia and the revolution at the St. Petersburg international cultural forum.Revolutionary chronicle RIA Novosti inspired Shemyakin on the sketch© RIA Novosti / Alexander Galleryparty the image Bank

Famous artist and sculptor Mikhail Shemyakin, one of the most anticipated guests of the VI Saint-Petersburg international cultural forum, has caused great excitement with his performance in the final day of the conference «Culture in Revolution. The revolution in the Culture. 1917-2017». After a bright half-hour lecture and willingly communicated with the public, Shemyakin left a memorable sketch in the exhibition «Great Russian revolution», organized by media group «Russia today» at the venue in the Central exhibition hall «Manege».

In the midst of an autograph session, inspired by documentary photos and video footage of the 1917 revolution, presented to RIA Novosti in the Arena, an artist with a world name, because it was a caricature drawing done directly on the stand, much to the delighted fans. Needless to say that everything they broadcast to their social networks. When you are finished and sweeping her signing, mater explained the meaning of the cartoons:

«It was, if you remember, this is a great piece from Alexander grin — «the pied Piper». There he is realistic describes the empty revolutionary Petrograd, tells how at ease feel for rats. In the story of the unfolding struggle of the pied Piper and of the Liberator, a giant alien rats. This work is also part of revolutionary history, reflected in the culture, which we here on the forum are saying.»

«This caricature is a reference to one of Stalin’s time. As you know, journalists then serious typographical errors were sent to the camps. There was a case when one journalist, the article made a typo — «Krisna army». This mistake cost her, unfortunately, many years in prison. However, no political overtones in my picture there — I just wanted to remind journalists that they always check their texts, and avoid typos. Checking, as the Americans say. Even in the age of Internet media where all can be quickly corrected, it is important to be careful,» — said Shemyakin.

The renowned artist now living in France and famous for among other things as a painter-decorator of the ballet P. I. Tchaikovsky «the Nutcracker» staged by the Mariinsky theatre in 2001, praised the designer’s ideas multimedia pop-up exhibition:

«In my opinion, the exhibition is very professionally done, aesthetically pleasing. Without too much and with taste — «as in best houses of Philadelphia», as the unforgettable protagonist of the book «the Twelve chairs».

Revolutionary chronicle RIA Novosti inspired Shemyakin on the sketchThe October rotation

Recall that the contents pop-up exhibition «Great Russian revolution», which opened on three days in the Arena in the framework of the VI St. Petersburg international cultural forum took offline a large-scale project with the same name, launched on the flagship online media group «Russia today» — in February of this year. Collected in one page — animated stories, essays, archival photographs, online alphabet and infographics allow the reader to make a three-dimensional picture of the events that have shaped the course of modern history.

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