Russia can soon start exporting milk and cheese, said the Ministry of agriculture

© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly in photobacteria products. Archival photoRussia can soon start exporting milk and cheese, said the Ministry of agriculture© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly the image Bank

Russia in the current agricultural year intends to maintain leadership in the export of wheat, and in a few years, the country could begin exports of milk and cheese, said the Director of the international cooperation Department of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation Olga Garshina.

«We are expanding now for the delivery (export ed.) not only crops, we go out and on the supply of meat products, confectionery. Soon it will be milk and maybe cheese,» said Garshina, speaking at the Russian-Italian agro-industrial forum «Development through cooperation».

She also pointed out that last year Russia has collected a record at that time, the harvest of 120.7 million tons in net weight this year the harvest is expected to reach 130 million tons. «Accordingly, we hope to maintain the lead in the plans of grain crops, wheat,» — said the head of the Department. At the same time, she continued, rising production figures and other products.

Garshina added that in a few years Russia will be able to reach the targets of the doctrine of food safety for all products. «I think in a couple years we will be able to produce all the products that can provide our country, probably with the exception of some exotic fruits or vegetables that climatic conditions it is unlikely that we can grow in the right amount,» she said.

Commenting on Western sanctions and retaliatory food restrictions of Russia, Garshina said that «any war will end in peace.» At the same time, Russian farmers actively moving forward in the development of its production. «And Italian companies, the Italian business has a unique opportunity to join our journey to move forward,» — said the head of the Department.

«Open cheese using Italian technology. I can say that a very large number of the wine material and seedlings used in the sector of viticulture and winemaking… unfortunately, there are some difficulties for the supply of Italian plants. I think we have this situation correct, and the supply of Italian wine material will be reopened,» she added.