Russian world of Europe: how the EU leaders are saving themselves with the help of Russia

© AFP 2017 / Jonathan NackstrandПрезидент of France Emmanuel macron and Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may during a summit in Gothenburg, Sweden. 17 November 2017Russian world of Europe: how the EU leaders are saving themselves with the help of Russia© AFP 2017 / Jonathan Nackstrand

«Russian intervention», especially unprovable — a new word in the political wars of Western elites. It seems that the «Russian threat» has become a universal tool of struggle with the opponents argument to explain the defeat in front of their own voters. British Prime Minister Theresa may, the President of France Emmanuel macron, the head of the German intelligence service BND Bruno KAHL. Who’s next?

«The Tory rebellion» and rage may

Theresa may lashed out at Russia, speaking at the Banquet of the Lord mayor of the city of London. The Kremlin is trying «to undermine free societies» and spreads distorted information to split the monolithic West, reported to the Prime Minister. Traditional charges (the conflict in Ukraine, «annexation» of the Crimea) this time she did not stop. Mei chastised Moscow for «regular violations of national air space of several European countries» and «targeted campaign of cyber espionage and schism». The latter, as she assured, «included the interference in the elections and a hacker attack on the Ministry of defence of Denmark and the Bundestag.»

Verbal attack may have coincided with extremely unpleasant for her scandal in the UK. And in native to the Prime Minister of the Conservative party. The Telegraph published a sensational article on «the Tory rebellion». Fifteen prominent conservatives, mostly former senior officials, said that if the government set the date of a British exit from the EU will be spelled out in the law, they will join the opposition camp of the labour party. More will vote against all actions of the Cabinet in the direction of Brexit.

Reprinted in «Letter one hundred Democrats» they resent authoritarian party structures, «reminiscent of the old regime absolutist rulers of France.» The authors argue that the Makron, he became head of state, has betrayed its own principles, and now, instead of «people’s democracy» in motion dominates the «rule of the elites».

The message also spoke about the arrogance of party functionaries, threats and intimidation faced by ordinary «micronova». And that’s not all. The address of the President to throw the phrase «cult of personality».

The drafters of the letter representing «Forward!» and the employees of party organs. The move occurred shortly before Congress. The shot was pretty painful — especially given the falling recent rating of Makron. At this moment the French leader as his British counterpart, for some reason I remembered about distant Russia.

So, in interview to the American magazine Time, he said that «Russian intervention» is a serious threat to democratic countries, primarily the United States and France.

In particular, cal is dissatisfied with how successfully the modernization of the Russian army and control. In addition, he criticized Moscow for its military buildup in Western Russia, as well as the attempts to push Washington to regain the role of European leader. The conclusion which makes the main German scout, predictable: to stay close to America and not allow the Kremlin to «drive a wedge» between the United States and Europe.

Of course, the opinion of chief of intelligence — not a point of view of the head of state or government. And the Federal government of Germany were quick to distance themselves from him. The official representative of the Cabinet Steffen Seibert at a press conference stressed that Bruno KAHL spoke on my own behalf and not on behalf of the Chancellor. But we must understand that it is in the trend of the sentiment of European politicians.

«A flurry of such statements means that things in Europe are somehow not very well, and European leaders urgently need to distract their viewers from the serious problems that are now obvious. This Catalan separatism and the inability of the Spanish government by democratic methods to engage in dialogue with the region. Is the failure of Theresa may to launch a dialogue on the UK exit from the European Union. It’s the falling rating of Makron. This is a crisis with the formation of the government of Germany, which lasted for a month and a half. Problems have accumulated too much, and European leaders are frantically looking for any stories that can distract the audience», — says Bordachev.

© RIA Novosti / Javier to Longobardi in fotoannunci rally in defense of the independence of Catalonia in Barcelona. 11 Nov 2017Russian world of Europe: how the EU leaders are saving themselves with the help of Russia© RIA Novosti / Javier to Longobardi in fotoannunci rally in defense of the independence of Catalonia in Barcelona. 11 Nov 2017
«The whole neo-liberal Western system is experiencing a deep crisis, in order to brighten up the picture, leading politicians are trying to «in the best traditions of» turn on some external factors. Russia was a very convenient target, and its hard demonized» — agrees Director of the Institute for international studies of MGIMO, Alexander Orlov.

To demonize the expert considers rekindling the scandal over the participation of Russian athletes in the winter Olympics. This media story for Western partners is just beginning.