The experts suggested to change system of formation of the PMC

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System of formation of Public monitoring commissions (PMC) needs to be updated, and the field of their activity is in expansion, in particular the need to establish a system of electors to analyze candidates and to expand opportunities for advancement, follows from the recommendations of the Expert-analytical center of the Russian Academy, placed at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

PMC control the observance of human rights in places of detention (MEAs). Experts in their study, noticed that the basis of modernization of the contemporary Russian penal system is a reorientation of the activities of agencies and organs of this system on the creation of conditions allowing to ensure the safety of society and promoting the rehabilitation of convicted persons. The most important role in this process is the public involvement in the provision of social assistance to convicts, improving cooperation with different institutions of civil society, said the study authors.

«It is proposed to consider the establishment of a system of electors that are sent in equal quotas from leading civil society bodies and specialized non-state human rights institutions – the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, the presidential Council on human rights, Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation, public councils at the Federal penitentiary service and interior Ministry. They form a panel of experts, systematically leading the analysis of the nominations, the selection in accordance with characteristics of the region, determine the appointment of the members of the PMC», — stated in the recommendations.

In addition, the experts also propose to remove restrictions on legal form and time since registration of non-profit organizations, including religious ones. The authors stress the need for estrogene of requirements for compliance with their practical activities in the sphere of protection of human rights and public control over their observance.

The experts also proposed to increase the number of candidates in the PMC from one nonprofit organization from 2 to 5 and allow the nomination of the candidates in the presence of guarantees of their real possibilities of work in this area.

Forms and methods

The authors also propose to change the forms and methods of public control. In particular, to allow the activities of PMC members one subject of the Russian Federation in the neighboring regions of this Federal district to initiate the establishment of boards of Trustees at individual institutions to places of detention.

Experts also suggest to give PMC members the right to apply independently to the relevant authorities in whose jurisdiction BUT, for example, the Ministry of defense and Rosatom, ZATO administration for obtaining the appropriate permits.

«The mandate of the member of the PMC should be the basis for filing the application for issuing the permit in HAND, on whose territory there are IPU controlled by the PMC. And if a particular member of the PMC, as a citizen of the Russian Federation, has no restrictions or prohibitions established by legislation of the Russian Federation to stay on site BUT, he should have the right to obtain such a pass,» — said in a research note.

The exchange of experience and Windows social adaptation

Experts also suggest to reduce the risk of corruption of the administration of bodies and institutions executing criminal penalties of imprisonment, of the internal Affairs bodies, to secure the participation of PMC members in the preparation of materials for granting of parole and the replacement of the unserved part of punishment more lenient form of punishment.

«In addition, in order to improve the work of the PMC is proposed to create a permanent platform of exchange of experience of the PMC at the interregional and all-Russia levels; to involve the formation of the PMC system of representatives of national public organisations, such as the Union of journalists of Russia, «OPORA Rossii», «Delovaya Rossiya» and the like», — stated in the materials.

It is also proposed to create a regional multifunctional centres on the territory of the Russian single window «Social adaptation of persons released from places of imprisonment and persons sentenced to punishments not connected with isolation from society», which will provide migration services, tax service, pension Fund, employment service and other state and local authorities; to register at the place of residence or stay, to provide social assistance and to organize career guidance and training.

«To organize work on provision of legal assistance to convicts by civil law office. In addition, to carry out legal awareness of prisoners by employees of the legal services of the institutions and bodies of the penal correction system», — stated in the recommendations.