The mystery of the «Orlova»: media said about the Russian «the Ghost ship» in the United States

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odnokomnatnoj ship. Archival photoThe mystery of the «Orlova»: media said about the Russian «the Ghost ship» in the United States© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov

The British publication talked about California Bank was found the skeleton of a ship, which may be a liner «Lyubov Orlova» Soviet-era aircraft that went missing in 2013. The finding reported Mirror, Daily Mail and The Sun.

The newspaper quoted experts made in the documentary of Science channel, who noted that the size of the core coincides with the «Orlova» — both vessels 90 meters in length. However, other experts refuted this assumption, stating that the remains of the concrete ship, while the Soviet vessel was built mainly of metal.

In addition, he mentioned the possibility that the found fragments belong to abandoned back in the 1930s tanker, which was used by the mafia for illegal casinos, brothels and pubs.


The publication was accompanied by stories about mysterious «the Ghost ship» colorful details.
«Experts fear that the 40-year-old liner is teeming with hundreds, if not thousands of infected rats-cannibals who have no other source of food except their relatives,» writes the Daily Mail.

«The skeleton of a Russian Ghost ship washed up on the coast after it had been invaded by hordes of rats cannibals,» adds Sun.

Free swimming

A former Soviet cruise ship «Lyubov Orlova» (the port of registry Vladivostok) was launched in 1976. The ship was part of the far Eastern shipping company until 1999, making passenger flights to Sakhalin, Kamchatka, along the coast of Primorsky Krai and Japan, after which he was sold to a foreign company. In 2010 the ship was arrested for debt, the Russian crew was left without funds.. the Government has provided them with assistance in returning home.

The new owners of the ship decided to move the liner to the Dominican Republic to sell for scrap, but during a storm in the Atlantic tow rope snapped, causing the ship since January of 2013, drifting in the ocean. According to Western media, «Lyubov Orlova» pushed over to the side of great Britain and Ireland. Exploring this area of the coast guard who found the ship. The authorities said that the former ship probably sank.

According to the Fox News channel, the liner can be of considerable value up to one million euros. First of all, because of the metal that makes up the hull and its superstructure.

Ship washed up on beach, believed to be mysterious Russian ghost vessel

— Daily Mirror (@DailyMirror) November 19, 2017