The odor at the landfill «Kuchino» plan to fix until the end of the year

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pituitrin TKO Kuchino. Archival photoThe odor at the landfill «Kuchino» plan to fix until the end of the year© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev

Works to eliminate odors began at the site «Kuchino», they plan to finish by the end of the year, announced Monday the Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow region Alexander Chuprakov.

Earlier in the administration of the city district Balashikha stated that the main source of the unpleasant smell in the East of Moscow and the surrounding Moscow to the Balashikha, Reutov and Lubertsy — solid waste landfill «Kuchino».

«Work will be completed before the end of December, and it will be drilled 55 wells will be installed equipment that allows it to burn. Thus we have started this work already and finish them before the end of the year,» said Chuprakov during a press conference on the causes of air pollution in the South-East of Moscow and Moscow region.

In the course of a straight line June 15, the President addressed the residents of the houses in one of the districts of Balashikha near Moscow, who live next to a huge garbage landfill «Kuchino». The landfill is more than 50 years and has become visible from space — it takes around 50 hectares. Putin on 22 June, has demanded in the shortest terms to prepare the examination and the documents on the ground that the landfill was closed in the near future.

Pursuant to the instructions of the President of the Russian authorities in the Moscow region, it was decided the immediate closure of the landfill «Kuchino». Moscow region Governor instructed to allocate funds for the development of the project of reclamation of the closed landfill and the implementation of rehabilitation work in 2018-2019.