Copters and akbarabadi: in Primorye Center for robotics teaches programmers with five years

© Photo : provided by the Centre for the development of robotics in Vladivostokian the development of robotics in Vladivostok. Archive photoCopters and akbarabadi: in Primorye Center for robotics teaches programmers with five years© Photo : provided by the Centre for the development of robotics in Vladivostok

The center of robotics in Vladivostok teaches kids programming skills since 5 years, and teenagers here and assemble underwater robots better than the upperclassmen. About the work of the largest in the far East of children’s technical creativity center RIA Novosti was told by its Director Sergei mun.

Recently the guys from the Center of robotics were winners at the world robot Olympiad (WRO 2017), which was held in Costa Rica. Three of the four teams from Vladivostok took two gold and one silver medals.

Five programmers

«The center was created in 2013, but opened for the public from September 2014. At the moment we have worked for three full seasons, now there is a fourth season. Today we have approximately 1.5 thousand children studying in the Primorsky Krai, also the Center has a branch in Khabarovsk. In Primorye, we have nine points to five in Vladivostok, four – in Nakhodka, Artem, Ussuriysk and the Border settlement. Our students are children from 5 to 18 years but some projects involved students,» — said moon.

Today the Center has approximately 40 educational programs. This 13 directions, they are divided into ages.

«12 years is a common robotics. Kids here collect robots from designers and program them. Even five-year guys program, but with the help of cards with tasks: like action «back and forth». And 7 years they begin to program the same actions on the computer. From 10-11 years old children is the Junior category, which WRO on 1 and 2 places were taken, — a program on the computer, but there program and the designer more difficult,» the source says.

The boys 13 years begins specialization in four areas: programming, circuit design, programming of controllers and design. According to moon, from this age the child begins the course, close to the University.

«Of course, we do it all easier, but the guys that were involved in the circuitry and design, know not less than some undergraduates, from the point of view of practical knowledge. Theories have, of course, less, but practice is probably even more», — says the Director of the Center.

Boat and quadcopters

After passing the specialization — from 14-15 years — children are involved in interdisciplinary projects. It’s underwater robotics, computer vision, programming and Assembly of quadcopters — projects that require the competence of several specializations.

Moon says that the task of the specialists of the Center of specialization, primarily to tighten up the technical skills of the child in a certain direction. They all make a little tutorial – learning to code, develop their own cost.

«The most interesting work arise when starting interdisciplinary projects, while the children need to make an underwater robot with different characteristics, unmanned boat or quadcopter», he added.

Now the guys involved in the project of face recognition using a camera that will «welcome» the person using the database. Moon hopes that the students will complete the work for a few months, and submit it to the contest.

Very young children can program, for example, a puppy with a built-in sensor that drives off if exposed arm.

Sergey mun in education — specialist in information systems and technology and teacher. Teachers and trainers at the Centre are trained themselves, they also undergo training and assessment of quality.

Underwater robots

The Center also has a second unit is a separate organization that is a resident of SKOLKOVO and the only in the far East received a grant of the Fund. Its engineers are engaged in the development, opening to national and international level.

«We are developing the world’s only designer of Autonomous underwater robot and sell it to China and Russia. Including this designer is Olympiad WRO, water category», — the interlocutor told.

This constructor allows pupils aged 13-14 years to gather a complete Autonomous robot and program it.

«It was always assumed that the Autonomous underwater vehicle is very difficult, and it can make grown engineers or very strong students. And we have the designer gives you the opportunity to join this school and University students. The main tasks that decide on it, is the task of computer vision. A robot with cameras floats and processes the image, can perform some tasks,» said moon.

Also specialists of the Center make different sets relating to robotics, to promote this idea and give the opportunity to students from other regions to participate in competitions on Russian and international level.

Extrabudgetary robots

Sergei says that today more education in the field of robotics in the country is almost not developed, otherwise, such a private centre, as this is unlikely to be able to exist.

Copters and akbarabadi: in Primorye Center for robotics teaches programmers with five years© RuptlyСтальные gladiators: robots from Russia and England fought in St. Petersburg,»However, now the state appears «Kvantorium», and this is a big step in the development of children’s technical creativity as dopobrazovaniya. But mostly in small towns, this area is poorly developed. Now in the far East we are the largest such center. There are representatives of major franchises like «League of robots», «Robotrek» and others, there are a lot of children do. There is also a small private hobby groups up to 100 people. The third segment the guys who are studying in state and municipal educational institutions is the station of young technicians or workshops in schools,» said the source, noting that private organizations today deals with a lot more guys.

The center of robotics works on private financing. Classes for children are on average about 2 thousand rubles a month. In addition to training, the Center also conducts a year five major competitions. It’s «Robofest Vladivostok», «Vladivostok WRO», competitions in underwater robotics, Robotics Tournament in the form of a hackathon, when the guys building a robot 24 hours from the supplied parts, and Robokids Challenge for children aged 5 to 10 years of the competition Centre. Competitions in underwater robotics – is the only one in Russia, they are held in conjunction with the MSU named after Admiral G. I. Nevelskoy.

«The next competitions we had, it’s «Robofest – Vladivostok» at the end of January. Is expected to involve 70-80 teams, the winners will go to Moscow to submit Primorsky Krai», — said the moon.