«Crimea is transformed»: Dmitry Polonsky, the situation on the Peninsula

© RIA Novosti / Taras to Litvinenkova in fotobanka Prime Minister, Minister of internal policy, information and communications of RK Dmitry Polonsky«Crimea is transformed»: Dmitry Polonsky, the situation on the Peninsula© RIA Novosti / Taras to Litvinenkova the image Bank

In November, the Crimean authorities announced that Kiev has created a center for discrediting the Peninsula. Ukrainian factory of fakes earned in the eve of the presidential campaign in Russia. Who is information for stuffing, what is the situation with mass media in the Crimea, whether the political effect of the visits of foreigners to the Peninsula — this columnist RIA Novosti, Yekaterina Petukhova interview with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of internal policy, information and communication, Republic of Crimea Dmitry Polonsky.

«We have excessive freedom of speech»

Today we live in a world where the market media — that the market demand for those or other media determines the feasibility of their existence. That must be the media state, I have no doubt, because it is primarily a translators position. In a country like Russia — a complex, multinational, of course, the public point of view should be dominant. As for the other media that appear on the market — we have freedom of speech. Whether criticism of the government? It seems to me necessary. If not to criticize the officials will not pay attention to any errors, you will not see the real picture. As for the Republic of Crimea, we have a huge range of media, and it’s not just about traditional media. Are increasingly developing modern methods of mass communication, which include, for example, каналыTelegram, are active bloggers, that is social networks today largely perform the function of informing the masses. And certainly the Internet is not somehow controlled or some censored territory.

— In the Crimean segment of social networks on the authorities of the Republic receives a lot of criticism. She justified?

We have to distinguish between useful criticism and sweeping, weed out the stuffing and fakes — the view that we are trying to impose from the outside. We know that a specially created media operating on Russian territory from abroad. They broadcast the position of the Crimeans, not the Russians, and the Western customers. Their goal is to invest in people’s minds the idea that the Russian Federation is a democratic country. Let me emphasize: such amount the media and such freedom of speech as we have, perhaps, no country in the world. In my opinion, we even have excess freedom of speech, which sometimes works to the detriment of the state and its citizens. I’m not saying to toughen some measures, but tougher and more decisive control over what is happening in social networks, the Internet should be.

— First of all, I would not say that the Crimean media do not raise painful subjects, it is absolutely not true. In addition, I believe that we demonstrate openness. Take the recent initiative of the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov, when led by him, all the Vice-premiers, Ministers began to actively go to areas and to communicate with citizens directly, without intermediaries, correspondence and so on. It speaks to our desire to know the real information about what is happening on the territory of the Republic of the processes. There are no grounds to reproach us that we want to hide something. Information from the Internet too monitor. The head of the Republic, almost every meeting of the Council of Ministers begins with complaints and appeals — the information that comes to him on Facebook. Moreover, all problematic issues and stories, including corruption, are properly assessed. I did not remember such a case when there was no reaction from the authorities. It should be understood: if there are facts that attest to violations of the law, it is the responsibility of law enforcement. Media reports — the basis for early tests. However, there is a downside: a huge amount of information that appears in social networks, is fake, as it turns out after inspection. Criticism we are not afraid and ask to be criticized. But again, direct communication with citizens gives us reason to believe that often the issues that concern citizens are very different from the problems that we are trying to impose or make major on the agenda with these stuffing. Our objective is to work in the interests of citizens and the country, and not go on about any one wishing to moderate the situation on your own. Especially if these wishes are located outside of our state.

— However, the main evil announced you.

— Why did you attacked me? I like a man who is engaged on a professional basis media and interacts with them, of course, could not remain silent and spoke out about it publicly. His position was designated by the head of the Republic, a well-known public figures, not only Crimea. In Moscow all over the TV. the topic was held. Let’s see how many publications. RIA Novosti did a great publication when it was collected the five most important of fakes on the Crimea and the events. For example, one of the most famous is that the bridge does not exist, that it is only the scenery at Mosfilm, clay bridge, which in reality is not. I am absolutely not surprised when this story came to light, and I made a kind of voice of the authorities, war fakes was directed primarily at me like I was one of the most active fighters with customized information stories. My position on this matter does not change. I defend and will defend, because they understand what harm such information war can cause to citizens, the Crimea and Russia as a whole.

In addition, we must understand that our infrastructure, including communication and broadcasting, in 23 years of being a part of Ukraine came into complete disrepair. We three years did tremendous work for the development of television, radio broadcasting, distribution of our media on the Peninsula. While the plans are not implemented to the end. There are programs designed for a range of activities for information security, for one hundred percent coverage of the Republic of the Russian and Crimean television and radio broadcast signals. Remain still some areas where we are experiencing difficulties. But I assure that by 2020 we have such white or gray spots will not remain in principle.

— Do you think that Crimea is fully completed integration in Russia, or there are nuances?

We are integrated in all areas and today live just like living in any other region, Republic, Krai of the Russian Federation. Our Crimean specific problems not resolved before the end is due to the relatively short term of stay in Russia. But we can confidently say that the global problems that we had 3.5 years ago, by and large, gone. Crimea is changing, obviously.