Despacito in Russian: musicians from Novosibirsk hits played on the balalaika

© YouTubeНовосибирские guys recorded a video for the song Despacito. VideoDespacito in Russian: musicians from Novosibirsk hits played on the balalaika© YouTube

Siberian musicians have recorded a version of the most popular songs in the world — hit song Puerto Rican artist Luis Fonsi conquering such markets Despacito. Since January of this year, the original video gathered on YouTube more than four billion views, putting an absolute record. The song also became the most listened in the history of the streaming services: users have lost Despacito more than 4.6 billion times.

Instead of the hottest Latin dances in the Russian clip, the graduates of Novosibirsk state Conservatory — Pavel Mikhailovsky, Kirill Melentiev and Vasily Yurchenko showed «severe Siberian climate.» Your cover they shot in a snowy forest on the background of birch trees. In the clip, the musicians are dressed in warm jackets with fur collars and hats with earflaps. In two days the video was watched by more than 18 thousand people.Despacito in Russian: musicians from Novosibirsk hits played on the balalaika

The performers used traditional folk instruments: balalaika, double bass, spoons, tambourine, accordion and a Hornpipe (a wind instrument made of wooden tube). In the final, on the screen appears the inscription «This is Siberia» — «Siberia». Young people themselves admit that they did not expect such a stir, because it was originally shot the video as a prank and was hoping to get him on the entertainment program «Evening Urgant».

The song Despacito already written a lot of parodies and covers. One of the most interesting versions of previously presented a Quartet from the Altai region. It also used the national colors: throat singing and traditional instrument, the harp.

The author of the main hit of the year — 39-year-old musician Luis Fonsi conquering such markets — November 19, came to Moscow with a concert. Despite the fact that the Puerto Rican singer has released his first album in 1998, his name was known to a wide audience before the release Despаcito.