In Kiev during the pogrom of the stalls injured ten people

© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace in fotoreceptori Ukrainian police in Kiev. archival photoIn Kiev during the pogrom of the stalls injured ten people© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace the image Bank

Police arrested 15 people on suspicion of involvement in the massacre of kiosks in Kiev, as a result of these events also injured eight radicals and two policemen, said the press service of the police in the Ukrainian capital.

Earlier Tuesday, the Ukrainian media reported that dozens of teenagers smashed the lottery stalls near the metro station «Nivki» in Kiev, is detained, the responsibility for the defeat was taken by the organization «national body» (created on the basis natsbatalona «Azov», against whom in Russia opened a criminal case).

As noted in the press service, on Monday evening the police received information that on the street Shcherbakovskaya a few dozen young people smashing a lottery stand, the scene immediately left the police, security outfits.

«For the illegal actions militiamen detained 15 young men were taken to the police Department. Activists, mostly of 1999-2003 year of birth, refused to give any testimony regarding his actions», reported on the website of the police of the city. The police said that after the personalities of detainees were released.

Overall, according to the police, for 50 minutes, they received four reports of property damage and computer equipment in institutions for the sale of lottery games on the street Shcherbakovskaya.

«As a result of the incident injured two police officers and eight activists,» — said in the message. A criminal case under article «hooliganism».

The police also said that the previous evening the Shevchenkovsky police Department in support of the detained approached about 50 people in balaclavas, aggressive young people started breaking the fence and tried to get on territory control, while throwing firecrackers at the police and used tear gas. During the incident, unknown persons damaged the windshield of a car service.