In Tatarstan, told about the contest «Leaders of Russia»

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More than 220 residents of Tatarstan have passed the test of management capacity within the framework of all-Russian competition «Leaders of Russia», the press service of the President of the Republic.

«Leaders of Russia» is an open competition for the leaders of the new generation. The competition is conducted by the Commission under the President of the Russian Federation on issues of state service and personnel reserve of the country. The operator of the competition – Russian Academy of national economy and public administration (Ranepa). Originally from Tatarstan applications for participation in the contest «Leaders of Russia» has filed about 4.5 thousand people. After performing the formalities of filling out the questionnaire, the instructions of passport data and recording a video interview – in the competition were 1.9 thousand participants from the region.

«Ended the third and final stage of the correspondence test management capacity within the framework of all-Russian competition «Leaders of Russia». Of the Volga Federal district took part in the testing of 1.8 thousand Russians, of whom 225 were representatives of the Republic of Tatarstan», — stated in the message.

Test management capacity was developed by Russian experts, he showed the effectiveness of a person in managerial positions in the government and business. Assessed behaviors at the time of making responsible personnel decisions, ability to work, willingness to change and to set ambitious goals and their achievement, and leadership and social intelligence test.

As noted, among the participants who completed the test from the Volga Federal district, dominated by middle management (30%) and the highest (26%) level, there are heads of organizations (12%), linear and functional managers, shareholders and owners of enterprises (11% in each category), leading experts (7%). The main proportion of participants aged 26 to 35 years (48%). A little less of the representatives of the VFD, which is between 36 to 45 years (44%). There are young leaders under 25 years (2%) and people older than 45 years (6%). The scope of activities of the contestants of a variety is the management of production, sales and information technology, strategic management, Finance and more.

In the whole country until the third stage of testing reached the 78.2 thousand people. In the semi-finals of the competition will be held for up to 300 persons from each Federal district.

The semi-finals in Volga Federal district will take place on 15-18 October in Samara and Nizhny Novgorod. Participants will learn about global trends in governance, will solve business cases and meet with key leaders in their district. The experts will assess the competence of contestants, give them recommendations for further development, and will choose the best of the best for the final stage of the contest in Moscow in January-February 2018. In the final, will be attended by 300 of the most promising leaders from all over Russia.

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