India expects to launch the first rocket of the private production

© Fotolia / Andrey ArmyagovСпутник in Earth orbit. Archival photoIndia expects to launch the first rocket of the private production© Fotolia / Andrey Armyagov

Indian space research organization (ISRO) expects to 2021 to launch the first rocket built entirely with private capital, said the Director of ISRO Kiran Kumar.

According to him, this will create a joint venture, founders of which will be ISRO and a consortium of private firms.

«The goal is to launch a rocket (completely produced by private firms) – 20-2021. ISRO will be part of a joint venture. Work is underway to implement this mechanism,» said Kumar the Times of India.

Until today, ISRO is the only manufacturer of launch vehicles in India. Since the first launch two decades ago, ISRO has conducted 39 successful missions. According to him, currently in orbit are 42 Indian satellites that perform the navigation, communications functions, and monitor the Earth’s surface.

«We still lack communication satellites. So ISRO will increase the frequency of launches from 8-10 to about 20, starting in 2018. We plan to launch 60 satellites over the next five years,» he added.

In particular, with the aim of increasing the number of launches of ISRO hopes to build a third launch pad at the Baikonur space center of Satish Dhawan at Sriharikota island.