Russian Muslims hope for the state support system of Awqaf

© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the Central spiritual administration of Muslims (tsdum) Russiaoriented on the occasion 1128-th anniversary of adoption of Islam in Volga Bulgaria in the ancient city of Bolgar (Tatarstan) — holiday izge Bolgar yenyRussian Muslims hope for the state support system of Awqaf© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the Central spiritual administration of Muslims (tsdum) Russia

The main tool of assistance of vulnerable social groups in Islam, the Waqf — need government support, said RIA Novosti Deputy sammuttaa of Tatarstan on working with the territories Mansur Jalaleddin at the international conference «the Waqfs in Russia: features and prospects of development» on Tuesday in Kazan.

The term «Waqf» (or «Waqf») is of Arabic origin and means property that is not taxable and inalienable provided in the form of a gift or bequest to religious or charitable organizations. And it’s meant solely to achieve the charitable, religious and certain public purposes. Jalaleddin stressed that today Russia is not a Waqf, and sadaqah (donations from organizations and individuals) is the main source of funding for Islamic organizations.

«The Waqf established on a statutory basis would provide financial assistance not only spiritual centers, but also support small and medium businesses owned by not only Muslims. For example, in the provision of rental properties, land or equipment that positively affect the development of not only the Muslim but also the economy as a whole», — said sammuttaa of Tatarstan.

According to him, in the modern legislative environment of Russia vacuflow system difficult to implement, regulate, standardize, and adapt. «The only reason is the lack of a clear legislative guarantees of the inalienability of Waqf. And the main quality ukupnoj of the property is its inalienability», — explained the RIA Novosti news Jalaleddin.

He is convinced that without close cooperation of the clergy, the modern Muslim business elite and government representatives the development of this institution. To establish such cooperation – one of the main objectives of the conference in Kazan. The forum will also allow the Russians to get acquainted with foreign experience of creation and development of the institutions of Waqf.