Russian scientists will test the theory of gravitational time dilation

© RIA Novosti / Igor Russkiye in fotomontaggi of the state Corporation Roscosmos. Archival photoRussian scientists will test the theory of gravitational time dilation© RIA Novosti / Igor Russkiyi the image Bank

Scientists of the project «Radioastron» has completed data collection to test gravitational time dilation, said on Tuesday «Roscosmos».

Previously Deputy scientific Director of the project «Radioastron» Yuri Kovalev reported that Russian scientists using time clock installed on Board the spacecraft «Spektr-R» will test Einstein’s predictions about gravitational time dilation.

«Key scientific program «Radioastron» on the measurement of the gravitational red shift are completed the data collection phase. The goal of the program is validation of the fundamental principle of General relativity — the Einstein equivalence principle», — stated in the message of the Corporation.

The experiment «Radioastron» is made in a similar scheme with the U.S. Gravity Probe A experiment conducted in 1976. The difference lies in the fact that the Russian machine is equipped with a more stable hydrogen for hours. In addition, the «Spektr-R» is on a highly elliptical orbit that allows to increase the difference between the maximum and minimum amplitude of the effect. Besides the accuracy of the measurements adds a multiple of the experiments.

Due to this, Russian scientists hope to increase the accuracy of measurements considerably.

The project «Radioastron» — a 10-m space radio telescope, a unique orbital astrophysical Observatory «Spektr-R», which together with ground radio telescopes forms a single radio interferometer with the very large base. The Observatory is intended for carrying out fundamental astrophysical research in electromagnetic spectrum radio. «Radioastron» implements a record in astronomy, angular resolution, defined by the distance between the telescopes to 350 thousand kilometers.