Samara scientists have developed the yogurt with a long shelf life

© RIA Novosti / Varvara Vertlayout. Archival photoSamara scientists have developed the yogurt with a long shelf life© RIA Novosti / the barbarian Gertie

Samara scientists have developed «live» yoghurt with a shelf life of about a month, before this product is stored no more than a week, the press service of Samara state technical University.

«Scientists have developed a freeze-dried yogurt, in which bacteria persist in the living state during the month… But studies are still under way and the actual storage life may be much more than three months», — stated in the message.

Shelf life in the fridge «live» yoghurt that contains no preservatives, is about weeks. With preservatives it can be increased up to a month.

According to the press service of the University, the process of making «live» yoghurt Samara scientists does not require the addition of any substance and does not change the original composition of the product. To obtain the product specialists of the University first, freeze the mixture in a dryer at a temperature of 70 ° C in vacuum conditions. Then the mixture is evaporated all the water, until she is in a state of ice by sublimation, it is important to get rid of moisture in the product, bypassing the liquid phase.

During storage of yoghurt for one month under conditions of oxygen and light, the number of lactobacilli does not change, said the University. According to scientists, the number of microorganisms in the original mixture remains the same after freeze-drying and during shelf life. The sublimation process does not affect palatability and thus increases the shelf life and storage and preparation will not cause trouble to consumers.

«Freeze-dried yogurt for Breakfast or as a snack between workouts: just add water and stir. Perhaps the next step will be the use of yogurt not only for routine meals, but in the original recipes in the future — even in the menus of astronauts,» — said in the message.