The expert said that the need for transition to a digital economy

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nitroscanate in photomangagement RAS Igor Sokolov at a press conference on the topic: Digital transformation in Russia: modern stage. 21 Nov 2017The expert said that the need for transition to a digital economy© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nitroscanate the image Bank

The creation of research centres the intensive use of data services in Russia, necessary for the effective transition to digital economy, while weaker than the world average, reported RIA Novosti on Tuesday Director of the Federal research centre «Informatics and management» of the RAS academician Igor Sokolov.

«Today’s Data Intensive Sciences (science, intensive use of the data) accompanied by the creation of powerful research infrastructures… In Russia this trend is, but it is very poorly expressed. Our task is to engage in the global process of creating data centers, to create a modern research infrastructure,» — said Sokolov.

Such centres, according to the academician, include physical installation (platform for collecting information from different fields of science in the broadest sense) and produce the essential principles of storage and use of this information.

As an example, what was the need to build entire «centers of the new generation» for information processing, Sokolov cited the situation in which domestic astronomers at the beginning of the XXI century — volume of accumulated information grew much faster than the scientists could handle.

«Traditional methods don’t work anymore. Developed new mathematical methods, algorithms and tools for working with these data,» — said Sokolov.