The Finance Ministry does not expect early adoption of the law on PDM in the oil industry

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The Finance Ministry does not expect early adoption of the law on tax on added income (TEI) in the oil industry — put procedure must be respected, said RIA Novosti Deputy head of the Ministry Ilya Trunin.

«We believe that we need to adopt a quality law to make it effective for the budget, and for the oil industry,» — said Trunin, and the question of when possible its adoption and entry into force, did not answer, only noting that the draft law «on the procedure will go, and then we’ll see.»

«It’s important procedure. What is written, it is always possible in the second reading to change, and the procedure must be respected», — he stressed, Recalling that, since the introduction of the government bill to the state Duma, it must establish a responsible Committee and send to the list for review to MPs and other subjects of legislative initiative. «And when the bill is subject to joint jurisdiction, mailing month», — said the Deputy head of the Ministry of Finance.

In addition, answering the question earlier about the idea of adopting the rules of PDM amended the second reading of another bill which is already in the state Duma, in order to accelerate the introduction of this tax, the official said: «the New tax amendments in the second reading? In my memory this was not a new tax on the oil industry by amendments to the second reading, is, in General, is innovative.»

A pilot project for the introduction of PDM, which will not be charged with the amounts of oil and cash flow, planned for launch in 2018. However, first Deputy energy Minister Alexei Teksler on 20 November said that the new tax will earn not earlier than January 1, 2019, as the relevant amendments to the Tax code will not have time to adopt and publish before 1 December 2017.

As planned by the Ministry of Finance, PDM must, in fact, to replace the export duty. The Russian government plans to consider the bill about the NDM Thursday, after which it can be introduced in the state Duma. «The bill submitted to the government without disagreements between the Finance Ministry and the energy Ministry», — reminded the Deputy Minister.