Tolstoy has asked the Prosecutor General and the Ministry of culture to check the movie «War for peace»

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nitroscanate in fotomaker Fat. Archival photoTolstoy has asked the Prosecutor General and the Ministry of culture to check the movie «War for peace»© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nitroscanate the image Bank

. Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy directed parliamentary inquiries to the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medina and Prosecutor General Yury Chaika requesting to verify the content of the Ukrainian documentary film «War for peace» in conformity with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the press service of the MP.

As noted in the press release, during the period from 6 to 12 December in Moscow will host the 11th international documentary film festival «Artdocfest – 2017». In the framework of the competition program of the festival scheduled a screening of the Ukrainian documentary «War for Peace» / «WarforPeace» (writer, Director and cameraman Evgeny Titarenko, producer Natalia singer, composer Ivan Oglobin).

«The production and showing at the film festival of the documentary film «War for Peace» may contain signs of crimes under part 2 of article 280 of the criminal code (public calls for extremism and public calls for terrorism) and part 1 of article 282 (inciting hatred or enmity on the grounds of sex, race, nationality, language)», — stated in the queries Tolstoy.

According to Vice-speaker of the state Duma, «the show is in the network of Russian cinema film in which Russia is presented as the aggressor, not the guarantor of the implementation of the Minsk agreements, and fighters ATO in the South-East of Ukraine – the heroes and benefactors, is unacceptable.»

«We at all international platforms all the forces defending the honour of their country under the most difficult conditions and under unprecedented external pressure, and some businessmen with the support of the «partners festival» as the «Echo of Moscow», «Rain», «the Yeltsin Centre», «Medusa», «Radio Liberty» and other well-known structures is considered normal to organize such provocations, otherwise it can not be called», — he stressed.

According to the website of festivitas, «Echo of Moscow», «Rain», «the Yeltsin Centre», «Medusa» and «Radio Liberty» are the official partners of «Artdocfest».

«About the Director and screenwriter of the film Eugene Titarenko know enough all information is in the public domain, and he doesn’t particularly hide his rich biography and the circumstances of the shooting of his film: in 2014-2015 volunteer ATO, who served in the brigade «the Hospitallers», which is part of the volunteer corps «Right sector*» — extremist organizations whose activity is prohibited in Russia by the Supreme court. One can argue that this film is the subjective opinion of its author, which has the right to life. But, in my honest opinion that has not, especially if it violates the legislation of the Russian Federation, but in this let him understand the competent authorities», — concluded the Fat.

*Banned in Russia as extremist organization