Turkish journalist sentenced to three years for a tweet about dead Prosecutor

© Fotolia / Sebastian DudaВ the courtroom. archival photoTurkish journalist sentenced to three years for a tweet about dead Prosecutor© Fotolia / Sebastian Duda

Editor of the Turkish opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet Oguz güven was sentenced to three years in prison for a message on Twitter about the death of Prosecutor Mustafa Alper, informs television channel NTV on Tuesday.

Alper was investigating the participation of the opposition of the Islamic preacher Fethullah gülen FETO in the attempted coup in Turkey in July last year. In may 2017 Alper was hit by a truck. Twitter newspaper Cumhuriyet about the incident was first reported in a humorous way with the use of the expression «the truck moved of the Prosecutor». However, a minute later this message have been removed and replaced with another, where it was reported «tragic death of a Prosecutor in a terrible accident».

Guven argued in court that the first tweet was posted he and another journalist. However, the court, taking into account that responsible for the account of the newspaper to Twitter is Guven, declared him guilty.

According to the court, the defendant was engaged in propaganda of terrorism and tried to create in the Turkish society negative perception of the struggle with FETO.