A supporter of the theory of the «flat Earth» launch themselves into space

© Photo : Mad Mike Sideact collected by stuntman and conspiracy theorist Mike HughesA supporter of the theory of the «flat Earth» launch themselves into space© Photo : Mad Mike Hughes

Michael Hughes, a well-known supporter of the theory of «flat-Earth» and professional stuntman, has declared its intention to prove that anti-scientific theory during the «space flight» on a steam rocket, reports Space.com

«I don’t believe in science, but I believe my eyes. I know everything I can about aerodynamics and the behavior of liquids, and how different objects move through air, how does the nozzle of the missile and how it produces thrust. All this is not science, but a set of formulas. In fact, there is no difference between «science» and science fiction,» said Hughes in a video published on his YouTube channel.

Hughes considers himself to a small group of misfits who claim that the Earth is actually flat, as the Bible tells and myths of the ancient Greeks. They claim that all images from telescopes and pictures of the Earth from orbit are the result of a conspiracy of scientists and a sophisticated hoax.

This conspiracy theory Hughes plans to prove this weekend, having gone to flight on his own built the rocket. Stuntman hopes that it will rise to a height of about 550 meters, will fly about a kilometer and reaches a speed of 1,000 kilometres per hour.

This missile is not a direct analogue of the Russian «Proton», American «Saturn» or even Falcon 9, Elon musk, and Blue Shepherd Jeff Bezos — from its nozzle break is not the fuel combustion products and the compressed vapor, pumped into the tank is «spaceship» under a lot of pressure.

Due to this the cost of the rocket «conspiracy theorist» is only 20 thousand dollars, and most of the parts he had collected on the dumps, or bought for next to nothing on online auction sites.

As promised Hughes, the launch will take place on Saturday at the abandoned town of Amboy in the Mojave desert, and the whole process of preparation for the flight and the flight itself will be broadcast on the channel of the stunt to YouTube and other popular video services.

In the past Hughes has tried to make «flight» in space — in January 2014, he carried out the first similar trick, rising to a height of several hundred meters. The ideas of Hughes has already attracted the attention of sponsors with the same world, in the near future, he along with his associates was planning to create a new version of the rocket which will be launched from a hot air balloon and rise to a height of about 100 kilometers.