Borisov: GRP Yakutia until 2022 will exceed one trillion rubles

© Photo : KanadierГород Yakutsk. Archive photoBorisov: GRP Yakutia until 2022 will exceed one trillion rubles© Photo : Kanadier

Yakutia plans in the coming years — earlier than planned — to go to the gross regional product of one trillion rubles, said on Wednesday the head of Yakutia Egor Borisov during the announcement of the annual address to the State Assembly (Il Tumen) and the public of the Republic.

«The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is among the top ten Russian regions with the highest level of gross regional product per capita. By the end of 2017, the gross regional product of the Republic is estimated at about 900 billion rubles. The goal is to reach 1 trillion rubles of GRP posed by 2022, but the Republic will reach it ahead of schedule,» — said Borisov.

According to the head of Yakutia, now there is a multifaceted diversification of the regional economy, the constant rise in industrial production. Fixed stable natural population growth, the increase in the birth rate and the number of large families. The average life expectancy has topped 70 years. Doubled the amount of housing construction, thousands of families moved from dilapidated ruins to new homes. Built or reconstructed hundreds of kilometers of roads, engineering networks. Many towns connected to district heating, mobile communication and the Internet.

The volume of investments in the economy at the end of this year will exceed last year’s figures by at least 20%. Good increase investment yields development of Chayandinskoye oil and gas condensate field and construction of gas pipeline «Power of Siberia».
The governmental Commission of the Russian Federation recognized Yakutia is a leader in the country in the rate of growth of tax capacity. As a result, the region already this year, will add over 2.5 billion rubles as a grant, added Borisov.

He noted that the locomotive of the economy of the region remains the diamond company «ALROSA». «Yes, the tragedy in the mine «Mir», the loss of the miners is a bitter lesson for all of us. But life does not stop. Despite the closure of the mine, the company must ensure the implementation of the commitments made by diamond mining in 2018 and to maintain world leadership. In the coming year it is expected the development of the Verkhne-munskoe of the ore field, the entire period of development which will give the budget of the Republic about $ 3 billion,» — said Borisov.