Kerimov may release from custody, the expert believes

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobanka of the Federation Council Suleiman Kerimov. Archival photoKerimov may release from custody, the expert believes© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

The detainee in France, the Russian Senator Suleiman Kerimov may release from custody, but to leave the country under house arrest or with the condition of wearing an electronic bracelet, said to RIA Novosti the head of the legal company COFRANCE from nice Vitaly Arkhangelsky.

Kerimov was arrested by the French police on Monday in nice, according to media reports, the investigation of allegations of tax evasion in France. The representative of the Russian Embassy told RIA Novosti that diplomats seek his release.

«Temporary detention — is absolutely standard procedure, nothing extraordinary here. Wary of the fact that it was extended by a day. Usually, the Prosecutor makes the initial decision, and in this case, responsibility for the adjudication of the question submitted to the judge, who himself and decide about the further measure of restraint,» said Archangel.

Official information on the situation of Kerimov little, so the judge relies on the experience of similar cases.

«Most likely, now there is an interrogation at the judgment of the investigator. On the basis of this interrogation, which can last two-three-four-five hours, given the fact that there is bound interpreter and representatives of lawyers, I think that just a few hours this litigation, the investigator will make the decision. He can appoint arrest, may choose another measure of restraint», — he said.

Further, according to the expert, the deal will give the judge of another level, «who will make the final decision on the election or non-election of a measure of restraint».

«In any case, based on our experience, prolongation of temporary detention is already a negative factor. While realizing the socialist nature of what is happening France, I think, most likely, no drastic measures will not» — he explained.

Arkhangelsk believes that «to protect the detainee will be out of prison, out of the unusual for his situation.»

«May be exempt from further continuation of the judicial investigation, and in France it can safely last several years. Here the options are many. But I think that will be imposed quite strict requirements. I do not exclude that it may be on bail or electronic bracelet. It all depends on how the lawyers,» he said.

The interviewee noted that «it is possible that a temporary detention may escalate into an arrest.»

Commenting on the conditions of detention of the victim, Arkhangelsk said that «quite a hard scenario happens.»

«Usually in this case, the detainee visited in something like the bullpen. In nice this kind of facility is located in the building of the former barracks, which previously housed the Gestapo. This is a primitive level small cameras in low-level, with one diet,» he said.

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