Psychologists have found that emotions cause different types of alcohol

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British psychologists confirmed the widespread stereotype that every type of drinking is associated with a particular mood or emotion, and found that vodka and its «cousins» often provoke a man to aggression, according to a paper published in the journal BMJ Open.

«The entire centuries-old history of rum, vodka, gin and other spirits are just saturated with violence. This global study shows that even today the consumption of these drinks often drives people to aggression than other types of alcohol,» said mark Bellis (Mark Bellis) from the Welsh division of the National health service of great Britain in Cardiff.

Drunken people often do not remember what happened to them during the repast and after it, and I think that their behavior changes a lot after they get drunk. In General, this view has not been disputed, including because many accidents, household accidents and crimes occur as a result of alcohol abuse.

Bellis and his colleagues decided to test the popular idea that the behavior of a drunken man is not changing randomly, but under the influence of specific drinks that he consumes. For example, many people believe that whiskey makes a man get excited, whereas gene causes a feeling of sadness, and tequila makes people take risks.

To verify all these statements, researchers interviewed approximately 29 thousand young men and women living in 21 countries, asking them two things – how much alcohol they drink, what drinks they like and what feelings they have caused. Scientists additionally checked, whether Hiking their interlocutors in bars to what they got in a fight or get involved in other unpleasant situations.

As shown by this survey, different types of alcohol really caused approximately the same feeling and emotions among the respondents belonging to different cultures and living in opposite corners of the world.

For example, people who drank red wines and Beers, talked about the fact that these types of alcohol have caused a feeling of relaxation and tiredness, and fans of spirits talked about the fact that alcohol makes them feel more «charged» and more attractive to the opposite sex.

The «soft» drink was white wine – it was met with mixed feelings among the respondents, or its use has not resulted in any positive or negative emotions.

Interestingly, vodka and other types of spirits had one unique feature, not typical of all other types of alcohol – they are more often forced the survey participants to be aggressive and to get involved in various brawls. Typically, about a third prefer vodka, gin, and rum had something like that, whereas only 5-8% of supporters of wine, beer and other light beverages became victims of rage and willingness to fight during the next trip to the bar.

This fact, according to psychologists, suggests that the current low prices of hard liquor should be enhanced considerably to reduce the incidence of alcoholism, to reduce the level of violence in society and the number of household crimes related to the abuse of alcohol.