Research has shown why it is necessary to speak more with babies

© Depositphotos / AntonLozovoyМама with the child. Archival photoResearch has shown why it is necessary to speak more with babies© Depositphotos / AntonLozovoy

American scientists have found how the children understand the words and what they mean, already at six months of age, i.e. before they learn to speak. The results of their research were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Previously, scientists have determined that in 6-9 months infants already know the meanings of many nouns. A new study sheds light on how they learn words and concepts.

The experts, led by Dr. Erica by Bergelson from Duke University in North Carolina studied six-month-olds using eye tracking (oculography — the process by which tracked opinion). They showed pictures and described what they depict.

It turned out that the children more closely looked at the pictures, the objects on which — for example, «machine» — were combined with unrelated (e.g., «juice»). It turned out that the children have sufficient information about the meaning of the word to distinguish the object from the related, but not unrelated. That is, infants, apparently, is not able to determine whether «car» and «pram», but I know that the «machine» and «juice» are not related.

In addition to eye tracking, scientists have analyzed the behavior of the children in the videos. It was found that infants learned better the words, if they could see the object to which the word belonged. This factor was more important than exactly who pronounces words.

«I think before you figure out how to stimulate vocabulary development, we need to better understand how it occurs naturally. Our study is a first step in this direction, — said Bergelson Reuters Health. According to her, more frequent conversations with babies and paying attention to where they’re looking and what are you interested in «sure won’t hurt and perhaps even help» with early development of language skills.

«Treat baby like a real person», she added.