Rudest: about 50 mini-football will appear in the upper Volga

© Fotolia / kikujungboyИгра in mini-football. Archival photoRudest: about 50 mini-football will appear in the upper Volga© Fotolia / kikujungboy

About 50 new playgrounds for mini-football with artificial turf, and the same sets of outdoor fitness equipment will be installed in the Tver region, told RIA Novosti the Governor of the region Igor Rudenya.

«The project of development of sports infrastructure we discussed in the meeting of the government of the region. So, it is planned to install a 45-playgrounds for mini-football and the same number of sets of outdoor fitness equipment,» — said Rodina.

According to him, in order to ensure the availability of sports for the younger generation, will be developed and approved a roadmap for the installation of a new sports infrastructure and the modernization of already existing, with specific municipalities.

«People should know when and which object will be installed on the territory where they live to understand the prospects for the development of the municipality», — said the Governor.

Rudina added that the location of sports facilities will be determined on a competitive basis, the priority the authorities give to the rural territories, especially those lagging behind in economic development from its neighbors.

«This year the region applied for the installation of 10 school stadiums for the social program «Gazprom to children», participation in which will support the development of sport in the region. Also the regional government considers possibility of construction in municipalities of low-budget universal gyms. To implement the first such project planned for next year,» said Rodina.

In addition, the Governor urged the Association of municipalities of the region to actively participate in this work, the results of which depends not only the health of the population, but also the creation of attractive conditions for life in the region.

According to the press service of the regional government, the project of development of sports infrastructure in the Tver region began in 2017. On the basis of competitive selection in the autumn it was established 13 plane sports constructions in Bezhetsk, Torzhok, Vesiegonsk, Zapadnodvinskogo, Kuvshinovsky,Likhoslavl, cymric, Bologovskiy, Kalinin, Vyshnevolotskiy, Staritsa areas. Work is underway on the installation of 27 sets of outdoor fitness equipment. For these purposes the government allocated from the regional budget of almost 34 million rubles. In addition, completes the installation of the stands at 1.5 thousand seats in the stadium in the town of Vyshny Volochyok.