Russia needs a law on psychological help, says expert

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The problem of providing Russians professional psychological help requires legislative regulation and the introduction of mandatory certification of specialists, as the quality of training of psychologists in Russia leaves much to be desired, the Dean of the faculty of psychology of Lomonosov Moscow state University, doctor of psychological Sciences, Professor Yuri Zinchenko. On the Day of the psychologist, which is celebrated in Russia on November 22, he told RIA Novosti on how to identify a competent specialist.

As recalled Zinchenko, today Ministry of education and science pays great attention to the training of psychologists. The head of Department Olga Vasilyeva has increased the number of budgetary places on this speciality in 2018. However, according to the Dean of the faculty of psychology, you must also pay attention to the quality of this training.

«You want to go to a psychologist from the Russians became more. Another question is how we secured the situation, professional psychologists. Here we run in the problem of training of professionals. It is necessary to increase not only the number of budget places, but also to improve the quality of training. Because often someone is taken to prepare psychologists without adequate staffing, no experience and so on», — said Zinchenko.

The law on psychologists and certification system

According to the Dean of the faculty of psychology in Russia today, there is no filter that can detect substandard working psychologist or seemingly so, since the certification system is voluntary.

«In addition to the education and training necessary system of certification of psychologists already working or those who gives himself for them. Here we go just on the law, the need for still promotion of the law on psychological assistance to the population of the Russian Federation», — said Zinchenko.

According to him, the legislation would adjust and determine who is a psychologist, what psychological help, who is responsible in the case of poor psychological care, which can harm the health, development, or spheres.

«This law is needed. And I hope that we will ever be in the foreseeable future passed», — said Zinchenko.
A psychological service to children

The Professor also reminded that today the Russian Academy of education (RAO) prepared the concept of development of psychological service in the education system of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025, which involves the development of models of psychological assistance to pupils and students. It is anticipated that this service will, in particular, to provide psychological support and help students in difficult life situations, to promote vocational guidance of pupils, their positive socialization and correction of aggressive, suicidal and violent behaviour.

«Next week, November 28, will be held Collegium of the Ministry of education and science. And finally, I hope that it will be adopted the concept of development of psychological service in education system», — he said.

Zinchenko explained that today in Russia there is no current unified system of psychological assistance to pupils and students. In some regions, observed some successful developments, but across the country there is no such system.

«If we don’t start assistance must be provided from an early age, then we can get enough of a big problem,» — said the doctor of psychological Sciences.

How to identify a professional

According to the Dean of the faculty of psychology of Moscow state University to understand whether to apply to a particular psychologist, you need to pay attention to his education. It may just be a «businessman», warned the Professor.

«The most important thing is to see that education was not optional, that you get for half a year or a few months, becoming a psychologist with the programme document dopobrazovaniya, who seems to be in itself contains some psychological words. You need to pay attention to the diploma was not just with the words psychology and to the profession – or 5-6-year degree, or retraining for persons with higher education it to be at least 3-3,5 years», — said Zinchenko.

He also drew attention inside the direction of training, specialty «Psychology» also are available various specialization. Therefore, a person who animal psychology, but working as a therapist, can also cause questions to their competence.

«Then there is another trick – you can study in a magistracy, not to be a bachelor on a speciality «Psychology». Master’s degree is two years of training, and in fact – three semester study and one semester of preparation for the thesis defense. Sometimes this can cause issues, as people in three semesters suddenly became a good psychologist,» added Dean.

As noted by Zinchenko, the real professionals in the field of psychology are in demand today, and the highest wages of those who work in large corporations or engaged in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

«Those psychologists who go and are employed in a large Corporation, it is mostly associated with personnel support, HR, working with the staff, they naturally paid. Then it is enough to secure the part, who offer psychotherapy, psychoanalytic services. This part is also quite in demand,» he said.