Scientists call spice, which helps to lose weight

© Fotolia / yuriyzhuravovДевушка measures the waistScientists call spice, which helps to lose weight© Fotolia / yuriyzhuravov

Scientists from the University of Michigan have determined that cinnamon helps to get rid of excess weight. A study published on the website of the institution.

In experiments on mice revealed that brown aldehyde — substance that gives cinnamon its flavor and color, prevents the development of obesity in animals and hyperglycemia. This component directly affects the fat cells (adipocytes), causing them to burn energy through the process of thermogenesis.

It turned out that under the impact of brown aldehyde increased the number of genes and enzymes responsible for lipid metabolism, and protein Ucp1 and Fgf21, which play an important role in burning fat.

Thus, the cinnamon, which is widely used in the food industry, can be an effective tool in the fight against excess weight, but before you start to use this spice for weight loss, you must wait for the end of the research, specialists say.