The court decided to deport from Russia journalist of «Novaya Gazeta»

© Photo : Ali Feruza account in FacebookЖурналист New newspaper Hudaberdi Nurmatov. Archive photoThe court decided to deport from Russia journalist of «Novaya Gazeta»© Photo : Ali Feruza account in Facebook

Basmanny court of Moscow decided to expel from Russia journalist of «Novaya Gazeta» Hudaberdi Nurmatov for work without permission, but the sentence suspended, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the court Juno Tsarev.

«The court found him guilty of an offence under part 2 of article 18.10 of the administrative code «Illegal implementation by the foreign citizen or the person without citizenship of labour activity in the Russian Federation», — she said.

Execution of administrative punishment is suspended «in connection with rule 39 of the Rules of the European court of human rights,» added Tsarev. Under this rule, the court may prohibit a particular state to take actions that can cause harm to the health of the applicant.

A journalist from Uzbekistan, also known as Ali Feruz, in March, was arrested for violation of the rules of entry and stay regime in Russia. In may he was refused asylum, then he had to leave the country. Basmanny court has decided on expulsion of a journalist. However, in August the ECHR banned the issue Nurmatov Uzbekistan, in accordance with rule 39 of the rules.

According to the source RIA Novosti in law enforcement, Nurmatov is illegal in Russia since 2011, and in 2012 — without identity documents. In 2008, he also appeared in the testimony of the convicted person for recruitment to radical Islamist organization «At-Takfir Val-Hijra» (banned in Russia).

In «Novaya Gazeta» refused to believe that Nurmatov — radical Islamists. According to the publication, in Russia he was detained at the request of the Uzbek authorities, and from Uzbekistan he left «a few years ago due to the fact that local security services tried to recruit him».

Press Secretary of the newspaper Hope Trusenkova said that Ali Feruz in the publication «were never employed» — «it is because he had no documents.»

Edition «the New newspaper» has addressed to Vladimir Putin with the request not to expel Nurmatov. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin had drawn the attention of the immigration authorities on this issue, but, in his words, «the situation is difficult, there are violations that are difficult to close your eyes.»