The court will make a decision on the claim on confiscatio family property Zakharchenko

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in photobacteria Zakharchenko. Archival photoThe court will make a decision on the claim on confiscatio family property Zakharchenko© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

Nikulinskiy court of Moscow on Wednesday will make the expected decision on the claim of the Prosecutor General to petition to the state income of the property of the family of the Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dmitry Zakharchenko and his family.

On Wednesday the court will continue the debate of the parties, interrupted on Tuesday due to the hospitalization of meeting one of the lawyers. After them the judge will leave in a consultative room for decision.

The session is scheduled for 10.00.

A break in the session is declared that one of the lawyers — Maximilian Boers, representing interests of Irina Petrushino, which the Prosecutor called mistress of Colonel Zakharchenko — in the debate he lost consciousness.

On Tuesday the meeting lasted about nine hours with two breaks. On Monday, the session lasted about 11 hours. What was the cause of syncope is unknown. Before he fell under the table, the lawyer pulled out his jacket some kind of oblong, but had not had sufficient time to do anything, losing consciousness. Arrived the ambulance took counsel.

This lawyer before the debate had to say about the expiration of the Statute of limitations for filing a claim by the Prosecutor General. He also noted that the Prosecutor calls his doveritelny Petrosino «face, the success of which, Zakharchenko cared», but she was never his wife.

He also noted that the Prosecutor General’s office said the claim, based on the 230th law «On control over compliance costs of persons holding public office» in 2012, and in accordance with it Petrushina could not be sootvetchitsey since bought a house in 2011, prior to its action.

«A slumlord»

Prosecutor Sergei Bochkarev his speech in the debate was devoted to the response to the statements of representatives of the co-defendants and assessing the testimony of the relatives of Colonel Zakharchenko and his close relatives.

The Prosecutor Bochkarev called «myths» information obtained independently by the relatives of the Colonel’s wealth, and declared that their testimony in court made him laugh and others. The mother of Colonel Zakharchenko, he compared the heroine of the novel «Crime and punishment» by Fyodor Dostoevsky — old woman-a pawnbroker, who made his fortune giving loans to relatives and friends «under the fabulous interest rates».

On Monday, several witnesses told the court that often took a loan from his mother ex-policeman Valentina Zakharchenko. So, one of the witnesses said that at various times took her from 10 to 200 thousand dollars, and returned in addition to the loan amount of 650 thousand dollars «in the form of gratitude,» which «was determined on the basis of attitude».

The Prosecutor, accused attorneys of bad faith — in his opinion, the lawyers had to persuade the Trustees to acknowledge the claim and explain to them, «what myths about their heritage, farmland and other things — will not stand criticism.»

The supervision of persons

The representative of the father of Colonel Zakharchenko Victor Emelyanov in the debate said that the Prosecutor General had exceeded his powers because the surveillance of civilians and their costs should implement a tax on.

According to him, the powers also exceeded the investigator SK Sergey Chernyshov, who «effectively sanctioned the production of operational search activities in respect of the persons close to Zakharchenko, having oversight of the expenditure and income of individuals not covered by 230-th Federal law.»

According to the representative of the father of the Colonel, the proceedings moved «from Zakharchenko to individuals that should prove the solvency».

A lawyer among other things, noted other procedural irregularities. For example, the Prosecutor attached to SMS-correspondence of Colonel Zakharchenko with his former common-law wife for 2013. Wiretapping the phone of the Colonel, he said, at that time was conducted with the permission of the Moscow garrison military court. However, «in accordance with the law on OSA, of wiretaps that have not received implementation should not be stored more than six months, and then must be destroyed,» said the lawyer.

On Wednesday in the debate will include representatives of the other co-defendants, after which the judge will take to make a decision.