The experts appreciated the level of personal inflation Russians

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in fotoreceptori in the hypermarket. Archival photoThe experts appreciated the level of personal inflation Russians© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

Personal inflation of Russian citizens remains below the official inflation rate, which, however, can talk about the strong economy of the Russians when buying habitual products, the report said the research holding «ROMIR», which is available to RIA Novosti.

«For the third consecutive month curves deflator and inflation maintain a parallel position, and the deflator shows a lower value. When the rate of inflation in August to minus 0.5 per cent (on a monthly basis — ed.) the value of the deflator was minus 0.4 percent. In September, inflation was at minus 0.2%, while the deflator was minus 0.1 percent,» — said in the message.

«In October of the same year with an inflation rate of 0.2% deflator showed a value of 0.1%. However, this does not mean that the personal inflation of Russians is below the official. Over the years of observations accumulated values of deflator steadily exceeded the rate of inflation,» — adds «ROMIR».

Therefore, continued holding, even if in some months the core PCE deflator is below inflation, it can only talk about the intense economy of the Russians. «They are able to buy traditional goods at a lower price, but relative to the previous month. Globally, no harsh savings of Russians is not can lead curve deflator for positions below the official inflation rate», — stated in the release.

The accumulated value of deflator from January to October was 2.3%, inflation is 1.9%. The minimum value of the deflator in October ROMIR explains the weak change in the price of conventional products. «In October, the Russians paid for them, only 0.15 percent more than the previous month. Almost not changed the tariffs for housing and communal services, adding only 0.05% of the September value. Gasoline also rose by a slight 0.1 percent,» says holding.

Deflator «romira» is calculated based on real data about your purchases at reasonable prices, so this index can reflect the average personal inflation every consumer. In the calculation methods based on data obtained with the help of the Skan-panel of households: information about consumption of 30 million Russians, 11 million households in 180 cities with population over 100 thousand people.